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Conergy wins a new contract to build two solar power plants for Siam Solar Energy 1 Co., Ltd.

  • Conergy delivers more than 100MW of total solar energy capacity in Thailand on behalf of clients
  • The 2 new solar parks will help reduce CO2 emissions by 16,500 tons annually

Conergy continues its positive momentum in building large scale solar projects in Thailand with a new win for two new solar parks.

Siam Solar Energy 1 Company Limited (a subsidiary of the Thai Solar Energy Co., Ltd.), awarded Conergy its latest new project for two solar parks – one located in Suphanburi and another in Kanchanaburi. The new project will bring Conergy’s total contracted volume in Thailand to more than 100MW.

Serving as the general contractor for the project, Conergy assumes responsibility for the planning, engineering and design as well as for the supply of the components for the two solar parks, which cover about 370,000 square meters and, once completed, will be able to generate over 30,000 MWh per year. For the construction work on the ground, Conergy is collaborating with its long-standing local partner – the Ensys Group.

The two solar power facilities are expected to be completed by the end of the year. Together, the two solar parks will help reduce CO2 emissions by about 16,500 tons per year.

Conergy was previously awarded contracts to build solar parks with a combined installed capacity of 21MW, and 31.5MW for Siam Solar Energy 1 Co., Ltd. These projects were also erected in Suphanburi and Kanchanaburi provinces. The continued success of Conergy in Thailand not only demonstrates the company’s strong credibility within the industry but also increases the contribution of both Siam Solar Energy 1 and Conergy to Thailand’s electricity supply.

“Thailand is a leader for clean energy development within the ASEAN region. When the integration of ASEAN’s 10 countries takes effect in 2015, Thailand’s position as a role model for other countries will be strengthened. With the ASEAN economic community initiative comes a strong expectation for ASEAN GDP growth and energy generation will play important role to help drive economic growth and development in the region. With its supportive renewable energy policies, Thailand is paving the way to a more sustainable energy future,” said Alexander Lenz, President Asia & Middle East for Conergy. “With these two new solar parks, Conergy will have a track record of success in developing 11 solar park projects in Thailand.”

“We are delighted about our renewed collaboration. We are impressed with Conergy’s leading quality standards with each new power plant,” said Cathleen Maleenont, CEO at Siam Solar Energy 1 Co. Ltd. “With this project we will expand our solar capacity to 85 megawatts AC in total. This entails a 17 fold increase in one year. For our solar portfolio, selecting systems with the highest quality and efficiency is paramount and with Conergy we have found exactly the kind of strong partner needed for planning and implementing our solar projects.”

About Conergy

Conergy is a leading PV Solution and Service Provider and offers its customers tailor made, care-free, high-performance packages – be it for private or commercial roofs or for multi-megawatt installations. As a downstream expert with 350 employees and more than 15 years of experience in the construction photovoltaic plants and all related solar services, Conergy calls upon an unrivalled sales network on five continents with subsidiaries in 11 countries.
Since the third quarter of 2013, Conergy is a company of Kawa Capital Management, Inc., an independent asset management firm based in Miami, Florida, with over $500 million of assets under management. With the strategic acquisition of Conergy Kawa expands its investment portfolio to include the fast growing solar asset class.

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About Siam Solar Energy 1 Co., Ltd.

Siam Solar Energy 1 Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Thai Solar Energy Co., Ltd.) was established in 2008 based in Bangkok, Thailand. TSE is the first in Southeast Asia to have effectively applied an advanced technology to utilize the sun’s radiation and convert it into green energy. TSE is in collaboration with several world renowned energy institutes and specialized energy companies. We are committed to the success of our projects in all our actions. Thai Solar Energy Co., Ltd. was established by Thai national shareholders who together share a common goal of pushing the technological envelope for clean renewable energy, and harnessing it for the benefit of those communities that surrounds us.

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