Diesel to Renewable Exhibitions and Seminars from EAI - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Diesel to Renewable Exhibitions and Seminars from EAI

Would your company be interested in joining the Diesel to Renewable change? Talk to EAI!

Tens of thousands of companies in India use diesel as a backup power source. So high is the use of diesel that about 30,000 MW of power capacity in the country is from diesel alone. But the increasing cost of diesel and its harm to the environment has resulted in the use of diesel being a critical pain point for these companies. Until now, there have been few alternatives. But with the emergence of renewable energy sources, viable options are emerging to assist in at least partially replacing diesel with renewable sources.

EAI’s Diesel to Renewable (D2R) department focuses on assisting companies in transitioning from diesel to renewables – solar PV & thermal, biomass, waste to energy and more. As the D2R efforts are in their very initial stages, EAI is conducting seminars and organizing exhibitions to mobilize knowledge and industry action in this context.

If your company is interested in taking part in the seminar for D2R, please send a note to events@eai.in

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