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Partnership for Renewable Energy Events and Conferences

Are You An Exhibition / Conference Organizer Keen on Catering to the Indian Renewable Sector? Partner with EAI!

EAI is India’s leading business and marketing support provider for the fast growing renewable energy industry. With our strong brand recognition in the market, our large database of renewable energy professionals and enthusiasts (over 20,000 members in our newsletter), and with over 3000 visitors coming to our web site every day, EAI can be an ideal partner for your firm, if you are already in the exhibition/conferences industry and would like to expand your services to this exciting segment.

EAI has already partnered with many leading exhibition and media companies for acclaimed exhibitions and conferences, and we will be able to bring our experience gained in these events to create innovative and highly successful exhibitions and conferences for the Indian renewable energy sector.

Should your company be interested, please send a note to

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