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Contribute to EAI

Since we started in mid 2009, EAI has been growing fast. Today, we are well recognized in Indian renewable energy and cleantech sectors for the research, consulting and business support services.

Along the way, the EAI web site has grown into the largest and most popular web resource for the sector.

As we go ahead, EAI is keen transform our web platform into a collaborative effort, with contributions from every stakeholder who is keen on making India green and sustainable.

You will already be aware that some portions of EAI are already driven by community efforts. Chief  among these is the EAI Club, which is India’s largest dedicated network for renewable energy and clean technology. I invite you to join EAI Club today if you have not already –

I invite you to contribute to other sections of EAI too. The following are the sections you can contribute to:

EAI Blog – you can join the list of bloggers and contribute your opinions and insights that will be published at the EAI Blog

EAI 360/Daily – you can refer interesting news items for EAI Daily, some of which could be included in EAI Daily, India’s largest renewable energy focused newsletter

EAI Schools & Colleges – are you aware of interesting renewable energy / sustainability activities at Indian schools or colleges. Do send us updates on these EAI Green Corporates – if your company (or any company known to you) has been successful in implementing sustainability practices, do let us know, to include at EAI Green Corporates EAI Green Communities – Know of any interesting sustainability activities in your or any other community? Do share it so that many other communities could follow these and benefit.

White Papers & Presentations –  Do let us know of any high quality/useful white paper, research paper or presentation in any renewable energy sector. We can include it at EAI so that thousands of others could benefit from these.

Clixoo – Clixoo ( ) is an initiative started by EAI, focused on providing cleantech education and awareness for children. We are keen to have children contribute green things to Clixoo in the form of stories, pictures, thoughts, poems, quiz and anything else they feel like!

Suggestions for contributions

You can contribute pretty much anything as long as they are about clean technology, renewable energy
or sustainability.

All the same, some suggestions here:

  • Cool photographs or videos you made
  • Articles / opinions / blog posts
  • Great links of news articles, company updates, research articles
  • Great web resources in the form of white papers, presentations
  • Details of any inventions/discoveries you made or are aware of
  • Details of any specific project you completed
  • Anything else I missed?

Send in your contributions to . Make sure you include your name, company name (if applicable), city and a brief profile. We would naturally like to provide credits to you for your contribution! If your child is contributing to Clixoo, please include your child’s name, city, grade and photograph. A brief profile about your child’s interest will be great too!

I look forward to EAI being driven by each and everyone of you

Narasimhan Santhanam

Cofounder &

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