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Renewable Energy Learning Support – Interactive and Enriched Content

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Looking for Interactive Content for Teaching Renewable Energy?

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Renewable energy and clean technology are important topics in schools and colleges. These topics are best taught through interactive and rich media, rather than through plain old books. This is where EAI Interactive can assist you.

EAI is India’s leading renewable energy and cleantech research, consulting and business support firm. Using our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the important sectors of renewable energy and cleantech, EAI has put together the EAI Interactive Learning team.

Assistance We Can Provide

EAI Interactive Learning works with schools, colleges and corporate that are keen on developing interactive and enriching content for clean technology education. With our domain expertise of the cleantech industry and our content development skills, EAI Interactive Learning can provide your company or organization the right kind of content for cleantech learning. The following are the domains for which we can develop interactive content:

  • Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry & Food
  • Alternative Fossil Fuels
  • Biofuels & Biomass Power
  • Green Buildings
  • Ecofriendly Products
  • Ecology and Lifestyle
  • Ecology and Society
  • Ecology, Biodiversity & Climate Change
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Energy Finance & Investments
  • Energy Storage
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Green IT
  • Hydro Energy
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Ocean Energy
  • Science, Technology and R&D
  • Solar Energy
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management and Treatment
  • Wind Energy

Forms in Which EAI Interactive Can Generate Content

  • Multimedia
  • Interactive software
  • Video
  • Animations

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