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EMHT Energy – Our Solar Professionals are in your area. Call us and book a visit.

With the rise in fuel costs it has become necessary for industries to start depending on Solar.

We are taking this opportunity to write to you about making the most out of your rooftops on your factories or plants, corporate offices, ware houses etcIf you have ample space available on roof-top and would like to save on electricity bills then why not go green and think of installing a renewable energy device for yourself.

Solar power gives you a return on your investments. With a quick pay back, imagine free electricity for 20 or more years.

We are a leading renewable energy products supplier. We are offering a variety of solar system packages (on-grid & off-grid) which can help you produce electricity at your own premises.

Our Solar systems are equipped with world class components which no one else can compete us with. This is why our company is happy to offer a 3 year Operational and Maintenance Guarantee which is not offered by anyone. 

Our range of products are suitable for industries, educational institutes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers etc. The small size makes it possible for installing these as standalone systems for captive use. This is a way of using resources like Sun which are available to us free by nature to generate electricity for your premises and having power available at times when there are power cuts. The government has also given the option to all business owners to redeem 80% accelerated depreciation if renewable energy devices are used.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for all industries to be part of our assessment program.

Our team is moving through different parts of India visiting various sites to see the feasibility of installing solar energy solution.

If your site requires one of our professionals to visit then please contact us immediately.

EMHT Energy Team
Contact:- +919769269140
Email: – emht.energy@enginemates.in
Website: – www.emhtenergy.com

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