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FLI Energy completes construction of Tamar Energy’s Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility

FLI Energy, leading AD plant EPC contractor, has announced today that it has completed construction of the Tamar Energy’s Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility, and delivered the project to its client a month ahead of schedule. The AD plant and entire site infrastructure was designed and constructed by FLI Energy on a turn-key basis to generate 1.5 MW of renewable energy.

The Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility will take in approximately 30,000 tonnes of food waste per year, waste that could otherwise end up in landfill. This organic material is energy rich and contains valuable nutrients. The facility will produce 1.5 MW of renewable energy, enough to power more than 3,000 homes, and additionally will produce a nutrient rich fertilizer which will be returned to estate lands.

The AD facility is located close to the M3, in Hampshire. Formed in February 2012, Tamar Energy is a renewable energy development and operation company, which received £97 million in initial financial backing from investors to build a network of 40 Anaerobic Digestion plants in strategic locations around the UK by 2018. The Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility is the first one of those projects to achieve construction completion.

Alan Lovell, Tamar Energy’s Chairman and Chief Executive said:  “The completion of construction of our first plant is a significant milestone for Tamar Energy. The project teams of both FLI Energy and Tamar Energy have done a fantastic job. A truly collaborative approach has delivered a complex project to time and to budget and all parties are very proud of the achievement.”

As one of the UK’s leading EPC contractors and technology providers in the biogas renewable energy sector, FLI Energy provided Tamar Energy with a ‘full turnkey’ design and construction of the entire facility, from demolition and enabling works to prepare the site; through to the HoSt digestion technology, reception building construction, feedstock pre-treatment and the commissioning and operator training.

FLI Energy’s Managing Director Declan McGrath commented: “I am proud to have participated in this great project, and we are looking forward to continued collaboration replicating this success on the delivery of many more AD projects, as part of Tamar’s plan to roll-out a national network of plants.”

About FLI Energy

FLI Energy offers turnkey Anaerobic Digestion plant construction, processing agricultural and commercial organic feedstocks to produce biogas and generate renewable energy. Our plants are designed to be efficient, economic and flexible, capable of processing a wide variety of different feedstock inputs. FLI Energy is part of the FLI Group of companies and is located in Kempston, Bedfordshire. Founded in 1989, the FLI Group has six regional offices throughout the UK and business operations in France, Ireland and the South Pacific island of New Caledonia. FLI’s activities are supported by c. 200 staff of experienced professionals providing design, project management, contracting, project delivery and operational services across the Environmental, Waste, Water and Energy sectors. FLI Energy works in co-operation with its AD technology designer Host BV, based in the Netherlands. Projects are delivered by FLI Energy using in-house resources in Project Management, Process, Civils, M&E and Operations. HoSt is currently the largest provider of anaerobic digestion technology infrastructure in the Netherlands with in excess of 70 international operating AD plants, digesting mixed feedstocks. www.fli-energy.com

About Tamar Energy

Tamar Energy;

Tamar Energy is a renewable energy company, building a network of around 40 anaerobic digestion plants in strategic locations around the UK by 2018. These facilities will generate 100MW of electricity – enough to power more than 200,000 homes. Officially launched in 2012, Tamar Energy has an exclusive focus on using anaerobic digestion to transform organic waste into renewable energy.  The process has the potential to power millions of UK homes, whilst also offering a sustainable, cost-effective organic waste treatment solution.

Tamar Energy is well capitalised, backed by a strong investor group of UK and international blue chip partners and investors led by RIT Capital Partners plc and Fajr Capital, alongside the Duchy of Cornwall and Sainsbury’s, which is also a strategic operating partner. Its breakthrough institutional funding model means it does not need to go to the market to raise money for each project, a major barrier for many clean tech projects.Tamar Energy was the biggest European cleantech capital deal in 2012 according to finance advisers Ascendant, having raised £97m in 2012. In recognition, it was recently awarded the ‘Standout Fundraising Achievement of the Year’ Award by Cleantech Group.

Renewable energy is produced from three main sources of feedstock – organic waste from the food processing industry, agricultural sources and ‘post-consumer’ organic waste, broken down into municipal, household waste and waste from industrial and commercial sources including hotels, supermarkets, prisons, schools and hospitals. www.tamar-energy.com

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