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Get Set Green

Looking for a Career in the Green & Sustainability Industry?

EAI’s Get Set Green Guide is a Must Read for You


What is Get Set Green?

Get Set Green is a comprehensive guide published by EAI, India’s leading cleantech intelligence firm, on the attractive career and job opportunities available in the emerging sustainability, clean tech and renewable energy sectors. The guide has a special focus on emphasis on green careers and job opportunities in India.

Motivation for Get Set Green

The sustainability industry is the world’s fastest growing business sector. Not just globally, where the sector’s revenues could top $4 trillion this year, but also in India, where EAI estimates that the total sector could have revenues of over $165 billion.
But it is not the sheer growth and financial opportunities in this segment alone that is making millions of professionals in India and worldwide keen on making a career in this sector. It is the awesome potential this sector has to make a difference to the environment and society that is making a new generation of Indian professionals wanting to be a part of this movement.
Similar to a political and social renaissance we are all seeking, as evidenced by the rise of AAP and similar outfits, professionals wish to have a renaissance in their career – a career that will make them go to bed every day with a sense of positive achievement and more important, satisfaction.
EAI has put together the first comprehensive guide for you and others who wish to join a career that makes a difference to the world while making a difference to you too.

Who Will Benefit from this Guide?

  • Young career seekers who wish to start off their careers in domains that have the potential to dramatically change the world in future
  • Experienced industry professionals in conventional sectors keen on applying their expertise in ways that can make a significant difference to the world and to themselves.
  • Individuals with unique talents (eg: designing, writing, human potential development) who wish to know how and where in the green sector their talents could best utilized

What Does the Guide Provide?

  • An expert overview of the entire cleantech and sustainability spectrum, with the strategic drivers that are propelling each sector
  • Intelligence about the fast growing sectors within the sustainability segment for careers and jobs – types of roles, regions within India where opportunities are available
  • Prominent companies in each of the sustainability sectors
  • Skills & professional required for the key sectors for both youngsters and for experienced professionals for the prominent roles within the cleantech sectors
  • Emerging sectors that could be the leaders of tomorrow
  • A step-by-step process that guides you on how you could get a satisfying career/job in this sector

Functional Focus

Inputs and insights on opportunities for professionals in the various functional roles are provided

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Top Management
  • Strategic & consulting
  • HR
  • Manufacturing
  • Scientific & Research
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Quality Control
  • Information Systems
  • Analytics Business Intelligence

Sectors Covered

  • Renewable Energy – solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, waste to energy, emerging areas such as wave/tidal energy, geothermal energy etc
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy Auditing, Waste Heat to Energy, Combined Heat & Power/cogeneration
  • Green Buildings – Green building materials, green building design, energy efficient lighting
  • Green Computing / IT – Smart Grid, Green Data Centers
  • Ecofriendly Consumer Products – green textiles/apparel, organic food, organic / natural cosmetics, eco-friendly home use products such as green detergents etc.
  • Sustainable Materials – Bioplastics and biopolymers, sustainable furniture and other household items
  • Organic Farming – organic fertilizers, organic pesticides
  • Water – water conservation and monitoring, waste water treatment
  • Pollution Control – CO2 mitigation, air pollution control, clean coal
  • Waste Management & Recycling – MSW recycling, Plastic Recycling, E-waste Recycling, MSW management, Hazardous waste management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Energy Storage – Batteries and other emerging storage technologies such as Flywheels
  • Sustainable Transportation –Electric and hybrid bikes and cars, biofuels, Fuel cells
  • Cleantech Education & Training – School and college cleantech education, corporate training
  • Finance & Investment – Emissions Trading, M&A, Renewable Energy Project Finance, Cleantech venture capital and private equity
  • Others – Biodiversity, Global Warming/Climate Change, Renewable Chemicals


How Was Get Set Green Developed?

Get Set Green is not a traditional book that provides you with theoretical data and concepts. Rather, it was developed by our team of industry consultants and top management who regularly interact with a diverse set of professionals both within the sustainability industry as well as from the conventional sector.

The emphasis while developing Get Set Green was thus to provide answers to key questions that aspirants have. You will thus find a number of FAQs all along.

The guide development process also involved intensive interviews with over 100 aspirants belonging to various segments. These interviews allowed us to understand the aspirations and constraints that those who are seeking a career have. We have utilized these insights to develop the critical contents in this guide

When Published

Get Set Green was published by EAI in December 2013.


Hard cover edition


Order your copy of Get Set Green for Rs 2500, inclusive of courier charges. Please note that Get Set Green can be currently delivered only within India.


Send a note to with the subject line Get Set Green and your contact details, and our coordinator will get in touch with you to guide you through the purchase process.


Who is EAI?

EAI (Energy Alternatives India) is India’s leading renewable energy research, consulting and catalysis firm. EAI runs India’s largest renewable energy web site, the country’s largest renewable energy newsletter (EAI Daily) and India’s largest renewable energy community (EAI Club).

EAI also runs the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainability, the Suseum, the world’s largest solar energy network, Poztz, and a global online cleantech researcher’s network, CleanTick.

EAI’s consulting team has assisted global and Indian blue chip companies in their sustainability efforts. Our consulting clients include the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reliance, La Farge, Vedanta, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka State Governments, MNRE, European Business & Technology Council, Amway and more.

The research team has published many globally acclaimed reports across the entire sustainability spectrum. Customers for these reports include over 75 companies from Fortune 500 and over 10 from Fortune 100.

The bio-division of EAI runs the world’s foremost resource on algae biofuels, Oilgae and a dedicated resource on deriving sustainable materials from castor oil,

EAI is headquartered in Chennai, India.

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