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Grundfos India to switch from IE1 to IE2 motors as standard

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. (Grundfos India) announced that the company will be switching from IE1 to IE2 motors as standard from August 01, 2014. To begin with, it will be implemented in the CR range of pumps and will be gradually extended to other products as well.

In alignment with the global trend of shifting towards energy efficient motors which was introduced in Europe in 2011, and in China this year, Grundfos is the first pump company in India to move to these energy efficiency IE2 motors.

Pumps currently consume 10% of global electricity. Without precisely the right motor, even the best pump will consistently waste energy. With Grundfos high efficiency pump and motor technology, it reduces the average pump’s energy consumption by up to 60%.

IE2 motors are highly energy efficient. Using IE2 motors will help reduce the lifecycle cost of the pump and also save the operational costs. Some of the benefits of using these energy efficient motors include:

  • Operate at better efficiency when they are lightly loaded because of their better design as compared to the standard motors
  • Dissipate less heat compared to standard efficiency motors due to higher efficiency
  • Use of energy efficient fans keeps the motor at lower temperatures
  • Increases life of insulation & windings besides increase in overall life of motor
  • The total energy cost its life cycle cost is much lower when compared to conventional motors
  • Better tolerance to thermal & electric stresses
  • Ability to operate at higher ambient temperatures
  • Ability to withstand abnormal operating conditions such as low voltage, high voltage or phase imbalance.

Ranganath N. K., Managing Director, Grundfos India, said “Grundfos is well known in the market for raising the bar in offering innovative, energy efficient and sustainable solutions. We constantly emphasize on improving efficiencies and the move to switch to IE2 showcases our commitment to helping our customers reduce their energy consumption and costs. There is an increased awareness about the use of energy efficient products and we are confident that this will be well received by our customers.”

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About Grundfos India:

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. (Grundfos India) a wholly owned subsidiary of Grundfos Holdings was established in March 13, 1998. Grundfos India is responsible for sales of Grundfos products in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. Currently, Grundfos India has more than 250 employees and works with 200 distributors and dealers with 20 offices across India. Grundfos India provides pumps and pumping solutions for various applications – heating and hot water service systems, cooling and air-conditioning systems, industrial applications, pressure boosting and liquid transfer, groundwater supply, domestic water supply, sewage and wastewater, dosing, chlorination systems, disinfection systems and pumps running on renewable energy. For more information, visit

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