Helios 2014, IIT Bombay, March 8, 9, 2014 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Helios 2014, IIT Bombay, March 8, 9, 2014

Department of Energy Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay is organizing and conducting its fourth edition of Annual Energy Fest, HELIOS ’14, on March 8,9 2014. The fest aims to realize its potential of being the largest ever platform built for students, industrialists, professionals and enthusiasts to come together, interact, compete and discuss the key issues concerning the energy future of this country, and the world in general.

Central theme for this year’s fest is “Energy for Tomorrow: Smart, Efficient and Sustainable”


DAY 1 – March 8

Energy Day, which marks the commencement of the two day fest, features seminars and poster presentations on the various research topics by students of our department and selected students across India. The series of events that unfurls on this day are designed to promote interaction between industries and academia.

Apart from that, it also provides a platform for the experts from the industries to share their valuable suggestions and experience with the students regarding the industry requirements and demands. A Panel Discussion on “Towards Energy Security: Synergizing Industry, Academia & Government”, presided over by eminent personalities marks the end of Day 1.

DAY 2 – March 9

Day 2 of the fest aims to bring students from different colleges on a common platform of energy to encourage exchange of knowledge and ideas via workshop, competitions and events.

The day includes:

  •       Series of competitions like Online Quiz, Energy Live, Futurist, Online Inter-college Debate, IDP etc. Exciting prizes will be awarded to the winners
  •       “Onio” design workshop
  •       Lecture series on several issues of energy which will include the likes of Dr. S. Aravamuthan (Deputy Director of ISRO).

Venue: IIT Bombay

Note: Here there is no registration or workshop fee!!

Register here: http://www.heliosiitb.org/registrations.php

Visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heliosiitb

Visit us at http://www.heliosiitb.org (Helios 2014)


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DAY 1 – Energy Day and Panel Discussion

Energy Day is a showcase of the current research, innovation and the activities in the field of by the students and the researchers in IIT Bombay. Various researches are broadly focused on developing cost effective renewables (e.g. thin film photovoltaics, low cost solar thermal industrial heating, microbial fuel cells, bio-refinery) and energy efficient devices and systems (process integration, benchmarking, heat pumps, trigeneration, controllers, power electronics), nanomaterials for fuel cell, battery, hydrogen storage applications and system simulation and analysis capabilities.

This annual event organized by the Department of Energy Science and Engineering features technical seminars and interactive poster sessions presented by students. The concluding and the most awaited session is a panel discussion on pressing issues relating to energy by a distinguished set of panelists. The mission of Energy Day is to provide a platform for intermingling of ideas among the academic world and the industry. The purpose of presentations of the students is to bridge the gap between industry and the academic world in terms of technology transfer. It also aims to disseminate among the wider public, the range of current research and activities related to the production and use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

A panel discussion is designed to provide an opportunity for a group to hear from people adept and accomplished in specific area present information and discuss their personal views. A Panel Discussion on “Towards Energy Security: Synergizing Industry, Academia & Government”, presided over by eminent personalities marks the end of Day 1.

There have been many policies aimed at energy security; policies that have been drafted with the right intention of the mutual well-being of both industries as well as the society as a whole. But most of them have failed to materialize.

  •       What exactly do we mean by Energy Security?
  •       What is the missing link between inception and implementation of the policies?
  •       What are the loopholes in the present system?
  •       Can the academia play any role in it?
  •       Can the triangle of INDUSTRY, ACADEMIA and GOVERNMENT, join hands and assure us energy security?

The panel discussion seeks answer to these and many other questions. People from the three sectors Synergizing industry, academia and government will be expressing their views and concerns.



 Day 2 – The Futurist, IDP, “Onio” design workshop

The Futurist

HELIOS 2014 launches for the first time, a competition especially designed to stimulate your imagination!

Imagine a technology that you think can have a huge positive impact on the energy future of the world. It can be anything- from solar paints, artificial leaves to water powered cars- literally anything that you can think of (which doesn’t violate the laws of thermodynamics of course)!

You will get a chance to present this idea at HELIOS 2014. Battle it out with the other teams by facing critical questions from your competitors and the audience present, in 5-10 minute “questioning rounds”. The team with the best idea and presentation wins! Better start putting your creativity to work! An idea can strike anytime!


Maximum team size- 4 members.

Make a 1 to maximum 4 slide presentation, showing your idea. You can include self drawn images/diagrams. Originality would be given around 50% weight age.

Dropa mail at events@heliosiitb.org , including names and college of your team members to register.

Note: If you do not want to carry your laptop, you can mail us the presentations before 7th March 1400 hours IST, clearly writing the names and college of the team members.

For more updates on Helios events register here: http://www.heliosiitb.org/registrations.php


Cash prizes worth INR 20K!
First position: 10K
2nd position: 6K
3rd position: 4K
2K for 3 next best entries


Aniruddh Shrivastava



Helios Event IDP

 “Innovative marketing strategies for rooftop solar energy in India”

As solar power costs have reduced in the last few years, the global solar PV installations have grown from around 9.5GW in 2007 to 69GW by 2011. The Indian solar market has also seen significant growth and the installed solar PV capacity has risen from about 20MW to over 1GW in the last couple of years. However, most of this growth has been driven by the government projects – the National Solar Mission as well as programmes of certain State governments. There market has 2 more segments – commercial/industrial and residential. While the former has seen more traction given huge amount of diesel consumption in many parts of the country where the grid power supply is not reliable, the latter is yet to take off. Given this is a huge potential market, it is critical that this market takes off if we are to hope for a greater shift to renewable in our energy mix.

The first challenge that almost all solar installers and developers face is convincing customers of the benefit of solar.

Here are some of the things that they need to get communicated:

  •       Generation potential of a rooftop solar plant on a daily basis under different scenarios
  •       Economic benefit of solar – savings on the current electricity bill (grid power and diesel) under different scenarios.

Past performance of the installers- We would like you to come up with a solution that can be used by the solar installers to convince potential customers. The solution can leverage web and mobile technology for interface but should be able to provide customers customized information on the benefit that they individually would have if they were to use solar PV. Please feel free to use other technologies (like GPS, remote sensing, image reading etc.) if needed.

Your solution needs to cover the following things:

  •       The methodology which your solution would use to show the benefits of solar customized for the specific customer
  •       What data would you need for your solution to work
  •       How will that solution be used – use of web, mobile or any other interface

Assume the following data would be available: Energy bills of customers, Sun radiation data in different cities, cost of solar power based on a given location (as this is dependent on the sun radiation in that area), solar generation data from existing setups

IDP is offline event hence participants are requested to visit on 9th march and present their solution.

Reading references:

1. KPMG report “The Rising Sun”, 2012

2. “U.S. Residential Solar PV Customer Acquisition: Strategies, Costs and Vendors” http://www.greentechmedia.com

 Helios Workshop

“Creative Engineering”- Powered by Principles of Design Thinking


Armed with basics of technology, the engineering students are raring to go ahead to apply the understanding of technology and science. With ever-changing life-scenarios, new opportunities are emerging at every possible intersection of life and technology. This is the best time for a budding engineer to make his/her mark, especially in the domains of Energy, Life-Sciences & Big-data.


The workshop is a hands-on exercise to make engineering students aware of the techniques used at Onio Design, a multi-disciplinary innovation hotbed. Application of creativity and lateral thinking with good engineering base is the crucible for innovation, touching most aspects of life & business equally. After a brief presentation on Innovation Methods from Onio, students would be challenged with real-life cases, to come up with creative engineering concepts for solutions.

There is no registration fee for workshop!!!!

Register here 


Also register here for more information on other events of helios:



Aniruddh Shrivastava



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