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Help on Solar Power System Required for Andhra Pradesh Village

Muchintala, like any other Indian village has multiple social, economic, political problems. It is a village in the mandal of Chinnachintakunta, Mahbubnagar, and Andhra Pradesh, India. The village was lacking the basic needs such as water, health, education etc. People were desperate for external assistance but they were not getting needed help from government or any other organization as they lack unity among the community and cooperation among the leaders. The villagers were living with unrest and hopelessness. Total population of village is 5000.

The village is a 2-Hour Drive from Hyderabad, so close to the prime capital city, the Village is far from the development. Unseeingly, 300 Kids there have just two teachers to teach. So is the reason, for us to choose to do our bit in making their lives.

Cognizant Technology Solutions,Hyderabad is provided the computers with Internet connection to teach the children. Cognizant, helped those with the basic infrastructure [Furniture] required for the Computer lab and the Class rooms.

Power is the major problem to run the computer lab. Vega Environ is working with Cognizant to support this school with solar power.

Please support us with Solar Panel/Invertor/Battaries/Money to support this school.

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