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Recruitment for Specific Renewable Energy Sectors

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It is not easy to recruit resources with very specialized skillsets for an emerging and new industry such as renewable energy. This is where EAI’s RE Sector Specific Recruitment comes in.

EAI has dedicated processes for recruitment of specifically skilled professionals in solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, waste to energy, energy efficiency, small hydro, wastewater treatment and other emerging cleantech domains such as pyrolysis, gasification etc.

EAI is the leader in renewable energy and cleantech consulting and research in India. Combining our exceptional understanding of the renewable energy industry, technology and processes, our recruitment team will be able to deliver very focused and high quality results for your manpower efforts.

We are not the run of the mill recruitment agency, so we will be able to help you most when you are looking for special skills not easily found in the market, or whom other generic recruitment agencies will not be in a position to identify.

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