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Launching a New Product for Renewable Energy / Cleantech?

Launching a New Product for Renewable Energy / Cleantech?

EAI Fast Forward can help you get quick and focused visibility

If your product is new to the Indian cleantech market, you will have an urgent need to get focused visibility in the market.

EAI, India’s top cleantech firm, can assist help you get there with its Fast Forward visibility program.

New products or solutions need the following to rise quickly to the top:

  • Focus on niche sectors to start with, where they have the highest chances of quick sales
  • Ability to differentiate themselvesin these niches from the incumbents and leaders
  • Quick and exceptional visibility to these target sectors

Features of EAI Fast Forward

EAI Fast Forward is an exclusive promotion package designed for startups and new entrants in the Indian renewable energy and cleantech sectors.

The Fast Forward program helps your company in reaching a focused audience in the quickest possible time, and enables your product to stand out from your competitors.

  • Our marketing team will work with your marketing team to finetune the positioning/pitch
  • Our marketing team will also assist your team in identifying / finalizing the most optimal niche sectors
  • Once the above two are completed, EAI, using its online and offline marketing assets can provide your product focused visibility and reach:

    1. Detailed blog posts at EAI and interview with top management (EAI is India’s largest renewable energy web site)
    2. Wide visibility through EAI Daily and EAI Club (EAI Daily and Club are leaders in the renewable energy news media and community)
    3. A focused slot in EAI Company Showcase – a unique, focussed showcase that will provide long term branding and sales benefits for your products
    4. Co-author and cobrand thought leadership or solution white papers, especially for those with solutions for the B2B segment

Domains Where EAI Fast Forward Can Help

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Buildings
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management (solid waste and waste water)
  • Eco-chemicals

Why EAI?

    • Unique and Proven Expertise

      1. We have a core team of marketing specialists who have experience in creating powerful brands, and that includes EAI’s own brand
      2. Our knowledge and expertise in renewable energy and cleantech ensure that we bring to the table a unique and unmatched intersection of high-end marketing expertise and in-depth cleantech industry knowledge.
    • Unmatched Marketing Assets

The following will enable us to help you quickly get your brand to the top spot:

    1. India’s largest cleanetch web site
    2. India’s largest cleantech newsletter
    3. India’s only dedicated cleantech online community
  • Exceptional Contacts

    1. Our huge contact database extends to a comprehensive set of cleantech sector stakeholders, across the country. This asset can be used to provide you with critical marketing and business partnerships, pan India.

If your firm is interested in taking EAI’s marketing assistance to make it to the top, please send a note to with the title Marketing & Branding Assistance.

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