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EAI – List of Services and Solutions



EAI offers services and solutions in many interlinked cleantech and sustainability domains.

EAI Web site – India’s largest renewable energy and cleantech web resource

EAI Club – India’s largest renewable energy community online

EAI Daily – India’s largest renewable energy newsletter

EAI Consulting – leading strategic and business consulting for renewable energy sector

Reports & Business Intelligence – highly acclaimed renewable energy and cleantech reports

Business Promotion Support – focussed marketing and business development support for the Indian renewable energy sector

SURE-FIRE – a dedicated feasibility study for your company to adopt renewable and sustainable energy sources

B2B – India’s only platform for buying and selling of large renewable energy assets

Solar Mango – a dedicated online resource for rooftop solar systems

White Papers – Over 10 highly acclaimed white papers across renewable energy.  Free downloads

CSR Connect – a dedicated effort to bring corporates and passionate individuals keen to make a difference to India’s sustainability

Green Jobs – a platform that provides a listing of the latest jobs available in the green and sustainable sectors

Poztz – world’s largest solar energy network and community

Get Set Green – a detailed guide for those looking for a career in clean technology / sustainability

EAI Showcase – an exciting showcase of world changing ideas, efforts and more

Replacing Diesel with Solar – A complete guide to installing Solar PV for back up powe

Suseum – world’s first museum dedicated to sustainability

CleanTick – world’s only network and community for cleantech research and scientific community

Oilgae – world’s largest online resource for algae-based energy and value added products

CastorOil – world’s only dedicated online resource for castor oil based sustainable materials

EAI 360 – renewable energy news, views, events and more – all at one place

Clixoo – a division dedicated to teaching sustainability and environmental protection to children

Green Them Young – a unique workshop that provides hands on guidance to children and parents to mould children in green and sustainable practices

EAI Videos – world’s largest collection of cleachtech videos, in over 50 categories

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