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Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers in India

[custom_frame_left]logo of Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies[/custom_frame_left]

 Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,


Manufactures downdraft gasifiers with closed top that can be used for both thermal and power applications


[custom_frame_left]logo of Netpro Renewable Energy [/custom_frame_left]

Netpro Renewable Energy (India) Ltd.


Thermal only;manufactures downdraft gasifiers


[custom_frame_left]logo of Chanderpur Works[/custom_frame_left]

Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd


Thermal manufactures only downdraft gasifiers


[custom_frame_left]biomass companies in india[/custom_frame_left]

Rishipooja Energy & Engineering Company

Gorakhpur, UP

Manufactures both upstream and downstream for thermal and power applications


[custom_frame_left]Radhe Renewable Energy Development Associate[/custom_frame_left]

Radhe Renewable Energy Development Associate

Rajkot, Gujarat

Updraft gasifiers for thermal applications only


[custom_frame_left]Agro-power Gasification Plant[/custom_frame_left]

Agro-power Gasification Plant Pvt. Ltd.

Varanasi, UP

Downdraft gasifiers for both for thermal and power applications


Ganesh Engineering Works


Manufactures updraft gasifiers


Grain Processing Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd.


Updraft gasifiers  for thermal and power applications


Cosmo Powertech Pvt. Ltd.


Manufactures both updraft and downdraft gasifiers (used for thermal applications only)


[custom_frame_left]Infinite Energy Private Limited[/custom_frame_left]

Infinite Energy Private Limited

New Delhi

Manufactures updraft and downdraft for thermal and power applications


Southern Carbons (P) Ltd.


Manufactures updraft gasifiers for thermal applications only


Energreen Power Ltd


Manufactures downdraft gasifirs both for thermal and power applications


[custom_frame_left]Aruna Electrical Works Pvt. Ltd[/custom_frame_left]

Aruna Electrical Works Pvt. Ltd

Villupuram, Tamilnadu

Downdraft gasifiers for thermal and power applications


[custom_frame_left]Arrya Hitech logo[/custom_frame_left]

Arrya Hitech


Manufactures downdraft gasifiers both for thermal and power applications


[custom_frame_left]Nath Motors[/custom_frame_left]

Nath Motors


Production of updraft and down draft gasifiers for power production


[custom_frame_left]Associated Engineering Works[/custom_frame_left]

Associated Engineering Works

Andhra Pradesh

Production of multipurpose gasifiers with flexibility in fuel acceptance



The  Energy and Resource Institute

New Delhi

Development of advanced gasifiers to suit 100% producer gas mode power generation



Advanced Bioresidues Energy Technology Society


Development of small raectors with modifications to produce hydrogen by oxygenated gasification


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