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Research Organizations & Apex Bodies for Biofuels Research in India

[custom_frame_left]Biodiesel Association of India[/custom_frame_left]

Biodiesel Association of India


BDAI is the coordinating body for marketing, research and development for biodiesel in India.[divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]Nationl Biofuel Centre logo[/custom_frame_left]

Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute


Both algae & jatropha biofuels [divider_top]


Phycological Society of India

New Delhi

Society for promoting research and development in phycology. [divider_top]


Fisheries College and Research Institute

Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

Developing an industrial model for mass production of the bio-fuel from marine micro algae [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]kamarajar univeristy logo[/custom_frame_left]

Madurai Kamaraj University – Department of Microbial Technology

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Genetically modified cyanobacteria, photobioreactors


[custom_frame_left]Centre for Energy Biosciences[/custom_frame_left]

DBT‐ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences
Institute of Chemical Technology


Algal biohydrogen production [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]teri logo[/custom_frame_left]

TERI – Biotechnology & Bioresources Division

New Delhi

Has isolated around 20 native algae strains with high lipid content. CO2 mitigation using algae.


[custom_frame_left]university of madras[/custom_frame_left]

Madras University – Cente for Advanced Studies, Botany


Algae harvesting optimization, direct extraction of oil


[custom_frame_left]'Indian Council of Agricultural Research logo[/custom_frame_left]

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

New Delhi

Has identified new variety of Jatropha for commercial cultivation


[custom_frame_left]TNAU 1Inch Logo[/custom_frame_left]

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

Tamil Nadu

TNAU houses a jatropha biodiesel plant. Has developed a hybrid jatropha variety with more oil content. [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]Bhabha Atomic Research Centre [/custom_frame_left]

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)


Mutation of Jatropha for increased biodiesel yield[divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]Department of Biotechnology Cochin University of Science and Technology [/custom_frame_left]
[custom_frame_left]iit chennai [/custom_frame_left]

IIT Madras – Department of Biotechnology, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research on the use of Jatropha oil as a fuel for engines [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]NIT Warangal[/custom_frame_left]

NIT Warangal – Chemical Engineering Department

Andhra Pradesh

Research on the use of Jatropha oil and diesel blend for fuelling engines [divider_top]


IIT Delhi – Center for Rural Development Technology (Prof Naik)

New Delhi

Techniques for extracting oil from jatropha [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]iit karakpur[/custom_frame_left]

IIT Kharagpur

West Bengal

Economic analysis of Jatropha cultivation,
employment generation, supply-chain network of jatropha seeds, oil., oilcake and other products and to study the problem related to production, marketing and credit availability in India [divider_top]

[custom_frame_left]Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati logo[/custom_frame_left]

IIT Guwahati – Center for Energy


Biodiesel extraction technologies and Jatropha micropropagation methods. [divider_top]


The International
Crops Research Institute for
the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)


A wide range of research activities in Jatropha [divider_top]

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