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MeteoPole Signs its First Wind Power Performance Optimization Agreement in India with Continuum Wind Energy

MeteoPole announces the imminent launch of the very first project in India using the breakthrough nacelle-mounted Wind Iris LiDAR, the tool of choice for performance optimization of operating wind farms, in partnership with Continuum Wind Energy.

As a leading and respected IPP with operations in India, Singapore-based Continuum Wind Energy has seized the opportunity to stand out as the pioneer of LiDAR technology in India and to join the exclusive circle of international industry leaders already using this technology (Siemens, Areva, GDF-Suez, Nordex, Enercon GmbH…).

Three wind turbines among the twenty operating turbines in the Surajbari Windfarm in Gujarat will be identified and selected for power performance optimization. The Surajbari Windfarm was developed by Vestas and is now operated by Continuum Wind Energy.

During the pilot project, the Wind Iris technology will be showcased to the Indian market and the whole range of capabilities will be explored:

  • Yaw Corrections, to increase substantially Annual Energy Production and annual revenue of entire wind farms, resulting in a quick and strong Return on Investment
  • Power Curve Measurements, for a quick and accurate IEC-compliant alternative to the traditional met mast approach
  • Nacelle Anemometry Calibration with huge savings in time and budget
  • Wind Sector Management, for an extensive mapping of the turbulence.

“This is MeteoPole’s first wind power performance optimization project in India”, says MeteoPole’s CEO Mr. Karim Fahssis. “We will keep our partners in the Indian industry updated on a regular basis of the results of our ambitious project and will issue in the upcoming months white papers and business cases. We believe this project will once and for all demonstrate that such a technology can definitely be implemented in the Indian context with high profitability, as it is already the case in the US, Europe, China, Thailand, Korea and Morocco. There was a need for more pragmatic, service-focused providers who were willing to partner and grow with top IPPs like Continuum Wind Energy and take on a role of a trusted technical advisor as well as a technology provider.”

About MeteoPole (

  • Boutique Consulting Firm Specialized in Bankable Services and Power Performance Optimization Services
  • Presence in France, Morocco, China and India


MeteoPole’s press contact: Mr. Jeremy Foglia,, +91 99496 17958

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