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EAI Renewable Energy Monthly Digest

EAI Monthly Digest is a compilation of important and interesting renewable energy updates that happened at EAI Daily for that month.

EAI Monthly Digest comprises of news from various sectors of renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biofuels & Waste to Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation and other renewable energy and cleantech sectors. Apart from news, it also provides latest innovations, tenders, events, technical papers, renewable energy/sustainability books, India’s renewable energy status, cleantech perspectives, green community stories etc.

EAI Monthly Digest Archives

March 2014 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/march_2014_digest/

February 2014 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/february_2014_digest/

January 2014 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/january_2014_digest/

December 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/december_2013_digest/

November 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/november_2013_digest/

October 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/october_2013_digest.pdf

September 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/september_2013_digest/

August 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/august_2013_digest/

July 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/july_2013_digest/

June 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/june-2013-digest/

May 2013 – http://www.eai.in/eai-daily/monthly/may_2013.pdf


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