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GreenBrilliance delivers solar for Nexus EnergyHomes GeoSolar Community in Maryland, USA

GreenBrilliance, a leading turnkey solar solution provider in Mid Atlantic USA and a leading crystalline photovoltaic module manufacturer announces delivery of its solar systems on Nexus EnergyHomes® GeoSolar Communities™ in Maryland, USA.

On August 29, 2012 at their NAHB Research Center Emerald-certified North Pointe community in Frederick, Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley gave a public proclamation of Nexus EnergyHomes for their green building achievements, calling them the, “epitome of innovation and entrepreneurship” as the national winner of the Energy Value Housing Award 2012 Builder of the Year.

GreenBrilliance’s solar energy systems are integral components in helping Nexus’ homes achieve net-zero capabilities. Nexus’ GeoSolar Communities™ like North Pointe offer net-zero, or ‘off the grid’ capabilities and affordable, energy efficient buildings, featuring solar energy systems, like the ones designed and installed by Green Brilliance. The homes also feature geothermal (ground sourced) heat pumps, super insulated building shells, state of the art electronic and web-based controls and monitoring systems, and Energy-Star rated appliances. By making these high-performance green technologies available for the first time, for nearly every budget, Nexus is proving that right now affordable, energy independent, fossil-free, carbon neutral housing is not only possible, but achievable for nearly every American homeowner.

Governor Martin O’ Malley highlighted that energy independence is not just a catch phrase but is a national security issue which can easily be tackled with inexpensive power sources manufactured here in the United States that help our industries compete in the world market place. The Governor said “We all know we live in changing times, the question is what we are going to make of these times and whether we’re going to make something new and something better.”

“We at GreenBrilliance are privileged to be given the opportunity to design and install PV systems for Nexus Energy Homes. The scope of these systems and their impact on the homeowner, as well as the community at large is significant. Esteemed leaders such as Governor Martin O’Malley certainly provide the much needed impetus to renewable energy and its capabilities. Nexus EnergyHomes is leading the way to futuristic net-zero capable homes and we at GreenBrilliance are glad to be a part of their vision,”commented Sumit Bhatnagar, Managing Partner of GreenBrilliance.

ABOUT GreenBrilliance

GreenBrilliance, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end solar energy Services Company with its state-ofthe-art ISO certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. The company manufactures world class, top quality crystalline solar photovoltaic modules ranging from70 Wp to 300 Wp and certified for Global markets. GreenBrilliance, with offices and presence in more than ten countries is a leading provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential, commercial, and utility scale (MW size) power plants worldwide.
For more information, visit or contact at 1-888-365-ASKGB.


Nexus EnergyHomes is championing a revolutionary shift in the way homes are built in America today. After years of research and testing with the NAHB, and through Nexus’ complex construction process using award winning net-zero capable technologies, Nexus is proving that right now affordable, energy independent, fossil-free, carbon neutral housing is not only possible, but achievable for nearly every American homeowner. Nexus’ pre-designed and custom single-family, townhomes and duplexes boast Net-Zero energy capabilities, health and wellness benefits, and the revolutionary communication platform, NexusVision Smart System. To learn more about Nexus EnergyHomes GeoSolar
Communities™ or custom homes, please visit or contact us at 410.604.2870.


Sumit Bhatnagar
Managing Partner
Phone: 703-657-0090, 888-365-ASKGB

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