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GreenBrilliance launches new series of high efficiency Solar Water Pumps

Vadodara based solar manufacturer GreenBrilliance launches new series of high efficiency
Solar Water Pumps

GreenBrilliance, a leading manufacturer of globally certified photovoltaic solar modules based out of Vadodara,Gujarat, India proudly announces the launch of its new series of high efficiency solar pumps with a motor rating of 0.5 HP to 5.0 HP. The gap between demand and supply of electricity is huge and this coupled with the ever rising cost of energy make the usage of this renewable energy product is not only effective but advantageous as well.

Solar water pumps have a wide range of application such as

1)irrigation of fields, farms, greenhouses

2) drinking water supply to hospitals, villages, schools, homes, rural areas

3) Livestock watering needs applicable to poultry and dairy farms

4) Clean water supply to community such as housing societies, apartments

5) pond management.

The product has usage capabilities for both rural and urban areas. The main advantage of solar based water pumps is reliability as there will be no cut-off in supply from utility.

In rural communities due to the lack of reliability on standard power services water pumps use diesel based generators as backup which pollute the air due to their toxic exhaust, contribute to noise pollution, and increase dependence on oil whereas the solar water pumps are non polluting, environment friendly, cost effective, reliable, and provide a better return on investment with a life cycle of up to 20years.

GreeenBrilliance offers a wide selection of solar modules configured and custom fit with surface or submersible pumps and are backed with inverter/PCU as all in one design with easy control maintenance. The entire configured product has preemptive safety and performance monitoring built-in.

“We are constantly rethinking solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base and satisfy the needs of our customers through products that utilize renewable energy. Launching of this product is a step towards greener future. Its applications are tremendous such as making necessities of life such as water available to tribal villages using solar energy.” added, Vineet Jain, Managing Director of GreenBrilliance.

About GreenBrilliance

GreenBrilliance, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end solar energy Services Company with its state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. The company manufactures world class, top quality crystalline solar photovoltaic modules ranging from70 Wp to 300 Wp and certified for Global markets. GreenBrilliance, with offices and presence in more than ten countries is a leading provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential,commercial, and utility scale (MW size) power plants worldwide. For more information, visit or contact at 1-888-365-ASKGB.

Sumit Bhatnagar,
Managing Partner
Phone: 703-657-0090, 888-365-ASKGB

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