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Introducing the Kingtec K25Z-4 Solar Air Conditioner

Driven by a passion to create a window air-conditioner that runs off solar power, Kingtec Solar’s Jamie Edens took inspiration from the DC-powered air-conditioners that cool long-haul trucks across the USA and created a window air conditioner that runs on solar air conditioning. If truckers are using such energy-efficient devices, why can’t homeowners and businesses benefit from a similar concept.

While there are other “energy efficient” ACs out there, Kingtec’s  green AC has a unique pedigree, in that its inspiration has deeply entrenched roots in one of the most demanding of applications – cooling long-haul trucks so that drivers are able to withstand the harshest of hot weather. With a world-wide presence in over 60 countries, truckers, RV owners, mini-bus and van owners have known Kingtech’s DC-based products since 2009.  Kingtec’s commitment to renewable energy is now highlighted by this announcement of the designed-from-scratch K25Z-4 green air conditioning unit.   Backed by a staff of over 1100 dedicated employees worldwide, including over 120 design engineers, Kingtec is committed to  delivering products that are affordable, easy to use and environmentally friendly. The K25Z-4  is living proof of this dedication to bringing affordable solar power into your homes and offices. 

Global warming is real!

The world is getting warmer by the day, and those that refuse to accept that fact are fast becoming a minority amongst millions of believers worldwide. Simultaneously, as a result of a re-shift in economic power,  millions of individuals and families in America, and across the world, are crossing into the burgeoning ranks of the middle-class. This means their appetite for everything, from clothes washers, dryers to cooking ranges and other electric appliances – including home air-conditioning – continues to rise. And in turn, this hunger for electricity fuels the vicious cycle of global warming.

Greater demand for power means higher energy cost, which also means a bigger carbon footprint.The Kingtec K25Z-4  is designed to help environmentally-conscious consumers and businesses embrace renewable power to go off the grid.

Since 1993, when just around 68% of U.S households had air conditioners, there has been a steady increase in the demand for ACs. A 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) indicates that now, almost 87% of U.S. homes have ACs. That’s over 100,000,000 American homes! Unless we seriously consider alternate technologies, such as solar powered AC units, the electricity grid will not be able to sustain the ever increasing demand for power, which is primarily consumed by residential and commercial air conditioning.

Green energy is here to stay – embrace it!

Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929), the great American sociologist, economist and institutional economics movement leader, once famously said “Invention is the mother of necessity”. His observation was in fact a play on the traditional thinking about inventions and entrepreneurship, which believed that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Veblen’s message was that new inventions soon become necessities for mankind, as soon as societies learn to adopt them.

Like the telephone, electric light bulbs and smart phones, AC’s powered by renewable energy are here to stay. The sooner appliances like the Kingtec K25Z green air conditioning unit are embraced, the cleaner the environment will get, and the more affordable and sustainable lifestyles will become.

K25Z-4 – making dollars from sense

With about 20% of yearly electricity consumption going towards ACs, and ever increasing power bills, it’s high-time we looked at solar powered ACs to cool  homes and offices. The K25Z-4 promises approximately 8 hours of FREE usage during peak sunlight hours. When you do the math, you’ll find that the K25Z-4 offers more savings daily – about $6.15 cents per day (@  .21 us cents/kwh) – when compared to a  conventinal window air conditioner of the same size.  That is a savings of over $1200 dollars a year (based on 200 days of air conditioning), plus it will work through brownouts and blackouts too!

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