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Navsar Green Energy Systems enlisted by TEDA as an authorized agency for erection, installation, and commissioning of solar PV systems

Navsar Green Energy Systems, a unit of the Navsar Group has been enlisted by Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) as an authorized agency for erection, installation, and commissioning of Solar Photo-voltaic Systems. The group has been in business since 2004, involved in developing and maintaining power projects of various capacities (Thermal, Biomass, Solar etc.).

“Solar power is definitely the future, the way forward. It will make every consumer self-reliant and independent. Our country has the highest transmission losses in the world. Solar Photo-voltaic Power systems assure reduction of transmission losses as the power plant is located very close to the end-user, maybe 1-2 floors away, on a roof top” – Navin Kumaar. S, CEO.

“Central and State Governments have announced schemes that encourage consumers to invest in setting up such power plants. We bring with us rich experience in executing larger power plants since 2004, and will exhibit the same finesse in executing Solar PV projects under Navsar Green Energy Systems in the most efficient and productive manner.”

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