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Nominate Enterprises for Sankalp – Alliance Award in Clean Cooking Solutions

Sankalp Forum, an Intellecap initiative, recognizes & supports innovative, sustainable, high impact social enterprises. It builds an enabling ecosystem for early-stage businesses, channels impact investments, and engages over 11,000 stakeholders globally through collaborative year-round initiatives.

To continue Sankalp Forum’s endeavour to recognize and reward as many dynamic enterprises as possible, this year, Sankalp Forum has partnered with Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves to launch the Sankalp – Alliance Award for Innovation in Clean Cooking Solutions. The recognition is aimed at recognizing and supporting innovations in the clean cooking sector in India and contributes to the Alliance’s goal of enabling 100 million homes to adopt clean and efficient cook stoves and fuels by 2020.

Winning Enterprise will receive a Cash Grant of USD 15,000 and an opportunity to be considered for the Alliance’s Spark Fund!

Nominations are open to for-profit enterprises that have been operational for at least six months and have demonstrated the proof of concept for an innovative model to deliver clean cook stoves and/or fuels at scale.  Enterprises can apply for this award by filling up our online form before March 27, 2013 or writing to us on

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