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Record Breaking Performance of Gamesa Wind Turbine – Gamesa G97 – 2.0 MW Turbine Generates above 52 Lakh Units in 6 Months

Gamesa G97 – 2.0 MW Turbine Generates above 52 Lakh Units in 6 Months

First Turbine of any type in India to produce 52,34,000 units within 6 months of operation.

Wind Farm : Pedappampatti,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

HTSC No.:  UGB55

Average Wind Speed: 6.5 m/s

Facts and Figures

Duration of Operation : April 2012 – Sep 2012.

Total number of Hours : 4320 Hrs

Machine Availability*: 99.14%

Grid Availability: 98.87%

Improved Efficiency and Production at low wind speeds– Advanced Aerodynamic Design and highly efficient aero profiles (blade root design) enable maximum production at low wind speeds.Technological Highlights:

  • Maximum Output under any wind speed : Variable Pitch and Speed System with Hydraulic pitch and Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) with speed and power controlled by Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) converters and electronic PMW (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Reduced Transmission Losses : Dry Type transformer, specially engineered for wind applications, placed inside Nacelle, reduces Low Voltage transmission losses usually found in taller turbines 

* For last 4 months, after stabilization period of 60 Days

Higher Co-efficient of Power (Cp) in low wind speeds:

Gamesa G97 – 2.0 MW produces more in Low Wind Speeds (3m/s to 10m/s) as seen in   Power Curve Comparison of Gamesa G97 – 2.0 MW and competition rotor Dia 97 – 2.1 MW.



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