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Synod Bioscience starts new branch at Bangalore

Synod Bioscience is a leading up company that renders effective waste management systems all around world. We are based in Cochin, the economic capital of Kerala. The company focuses on well differentiated technology to provide effective waste management systems for various agricultural and food processing sectors. We also provide sustainable solutions for the various bio energy plants and water recycling systems across the country. Synod Bioscience design, build and operate power plants that generate additional benefits for its customers.  Our practical approach optimizes the resources to contribute the best institutional biogas plants as well as the community biogas plants across the world. The Synod Bioscience strives selflessly to sustain the beauty and serenity of a place as unique as your city. With our new branch, at the most happening city of Bangalore, set-up with extending support from BBMP. and the Biofuel Board of Karnataka, . we ensure a full and ever-enduring care to keep your city, fresh. As our initial introductory proposal, we wish to offer detailed discounts on our services for installing Biogas plants.

The major focuses of Synod Bioscience are:

  • To offer the best bio gas technology for the domestic and commercial consumers
  • Provide effective water recycling systems for industrial requirementsTo minimize the operational expenditure of the energy plant
  • Maximize green energy production and minimize the fossil fuel usage
  • Reduce the green house gas display in to the atmosphere
  • Zero waste management by efficient industrial waste disposal

We are one of the pioneers in portable biogas units in India since  having various models for various capacity of organic waste. Our bioenergy plants can be constructed at individual houses, hotels/restaurants, industrial canteens, institutions, star hotels, college/school hostels, cattle farms, poultry farms, agricultural farms, where ever the bio waste is dumped. Our models have more advantage compared to conventional models. These models are portable and can be shifted from one place to another. Our portable models can be placed without digging and can be even placed in terrace. We have portable models ranging from 3 kg solid waste(house hold) to 30 Kg solid waste (institutional plant)

Our bioenergy plants  are known for the following features:

•       Excellent Strength
•       Completely made up of fiber reinforced plastic
•       Expert Fabrication
•       Long Life (life span upto 25 years)
•       Small space consumption
•       Completely portable
•       Cost Effective
•       Zero maintenance
•       High gas output with small quantity of kitchen waste

Our domestic biogas plant would cost you only Rs.23500 /- including single burner stove and this can be installed by an unskilled worker on the basis of our instruction manual.It has a daily output of 2.5-3 hrs in a single burner stove from a 4 to 6 member family. Maximum waste capacity is 3kg solid waste. It require an area of 1.2 square meter.

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