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EAI Contest – Answer Green Questions; Win Fame & Prizes

EAI Contest is EAI’s weekly green/renewable energy quiz contest for EAI Daily members. In addition to getting fame (by being highlighted on India’s largest renewable energy web site), the winner also get some goodies, not to forget a dollop of cash.

All you have to do to participate in this contest are to answer 5 or 10 questions, answers to which can be found directly or indirectly from the contents in the previous 7 days’ EAI Daily issues.

Send your answers (along with your postal address and your full name) to krishna@eai.in with the subject being EAI Contest.

How will winners be decided?

  • The winner is the one who answers most questions right.
  • If more than one person has answered the same maximum number of questions right, the person whose answer reached us first (email Timestamp) will be declared the winner.
  • The three runners up will be decided based on similar principles

All winners and runners up will receive recognition on the EAI Web Site; all those who answered a good lot of questions will also get a mention on the site.


  • You have to be a subscriber to EAI Daily (If you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe to EAI Daily www.eai.in/newsletter)
  • There are no other qualifications we know of
  • Employees of EAI are not allowed to participate – life’s like that

Any questions on EAI Contest send a note to krishna@eai.in

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