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8th EAI Contest – Nov 14 – Questions & Answers and Winners

Questions & Answers

1. Scientists from University of California, Berkeley recently found that a long-ignored biological process has the potential to produces renewable diesel. What process?

Ans: ABE Fermentation (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7531)

2. The Karnataka government has approved setting up solar parks in two districts recently. Which districts?

Ans: Gulbarga and Dharwad (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7527)

3. Which Indian state recently launched a subsidy program for off-grid rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) plants for 2012-2013?

Ans: Kerala (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7520)

4. This online microlending platform recently launched a campaign to bring solar lighting to rural Indian households. Which organization/platform?

Ans: Milaap.org (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7513)

5. According to IEA (International Energy Association), which will be the most-used fuel in the U.S. by 2030?

Ans: Natural gas (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7566)

6. Four teenage school girls in Nigeria have developed a generator that could provide six hours of electricity from what interesting “feedstock”?

Ans: Urine (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7555)

7. Which Indian company recently tied up with a Canadian firm to bring Li-ion powered electric bikes to India?

Ans: Hero Eco Ltd (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7549)

8. What is the contribution of the software development company Polysun to solar energy?

Ans: Solar software (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7545)

9. A group of student entrepreneurs won the 8th annual Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley. What was their cleantech invention/innovation?

Ans: Greenway Smart Stove, a biomass based cooking solution (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7533)

10. What learning resource did EAI launch early this week?

Ans: Clixoo (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/7573)



Koushik Yanamandram, New Delhi

An undergraduate in Agricultural Engineering from Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Andhra Pradesh. Worked with John Deere at Pune for 17 months and with ANGRAU, Hyderabad for 6 months. Joined Graduate Program in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management at TERI University, New Delhi. Pursuing a distance course on Sustainable Rural Development from NIRD, Hyderabad.

Koushik’s career interests are public policy research, rural development, sustainability & climate studies, environment management, energy consulting, and resources planning. He loves travelling, meeting people, reading philosophy and exploring new cultures and traditions.


1st Runner up

A.R. Sudeep, Pune

Sudeep is student of Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune pursuing his Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Energy & Environment. His interests lie in the fields of Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Environmental Management, Natural Resources Management and their applications to add a few. He has completed my graduation with Biotechnology as my major.


2nd Runner up

Karthikeyan R, Chennai

3rd Runner up

Mustafa H. Vohra,  New Delhi

Passion in Renewable enrgy, bioenergy and cleantech

Others who sent all the 10 right answers:

Vivek Patel, ChandraKumar Subramani, Namit Kothari, Kiran Chavva, Suveer Bahirwani, Vinay Vishnu, Srihari Swamy, Shivansh Tyagi, Pushparaj, Vishal Agarwal, Bhavesh, K. Mahipal Reddy, Swaralipi Maity, Rizwan Ahmad, Saurav Agarwal, V.Thiyagarajan, Tamilvanan V, Saranya T, Abhi Dugar, U.Manzoor, Atin Jain, Neha Pathak, Raju V, Vipanjeet Singh,  Hunny Agarwal, Ashish Mehta, Arunagiri.SP,  Exnora Vasu. S.M, Praveen Jadhav, Aravindan Ramasami, Govind Pingle, M.Vijayan, Manoj K Jain, V.Sathyanarayanan, K. Rangarajan, Vidit Bhargava, Vedium Vasanth Kumar, Antony Joseph, Ramalingam, Sanjay Kumar Pathak, Prabhesh Sharma, Radhika Dave, Shivansh Tyagi, Venkat Raman


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