1st EAI Contest - Sep 25 – Questions & Answers and Winners - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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1st EAI Contest – Sep 25 – Questions & Answers and Winners

Questions & Answers


  1. What interesting clean technology innovation did an electrical shop owner in Mumbai come up with recently that made news for Mumbaikars? Clue – it is in the extremely unlikely intersection of renewable energy and…religion!

        Ans:  Solar Ganapathi (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/6850)

  1. The first rent-a-roof model rooftop programme was brought out by the Gujarat government recently. Which two prominent solar companies got 2.5 MW each of projects under this programme?

        Ans: SunEdison and Azure Power (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/6541)

  1. This country recently reported that it was looking at over $100 billion investment for building a solar industry. The idea is to get over a third of its electricity from solar in about 20 years, compared to none right now. This country has over 5 kW/sqm/day of solar intensity, much higher than many parts of Europe which have less than half this! Which country?

         Ans: Saudi Arabia (http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/6765)

  1. A recent research done at a prominent US university identified a genetic engineering method by which a micro-organism, which usually converts organic materials into a polymer, generates a biofuel. Which biofuel? (name of the biofuel)

         Ans: Isobutanol (http://ethanolproducer.com/blog/article/2012/08/intriguing-mit-research)

  1. Which country recently reported that the cost of phasing out its nuclear program would cost over $600 billion?

        Ans: Japan (http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-09-06/japan-axing-nuclear-for-renewables-means-missing-carbon-targets)


Sivaranjani Subramanian, Chennai

Sivaranjani is a Green Energy Consultant at RenEnTeks. She currently specializes in Green building advisory, Urban Environmental Assessment and Biomass Gasification Projects.

Sivaranjani has a 4+ years of experience of project development and feasibility studies of Renewable energy technologies with expertise in Biomass Gasification & Solar PV projects. Her work has also spanned across Waste management plans, Energy efficiency and Green House gas emission reduction strategies for Industries such as Cement & Sugar.

Sivaranjani has done her M.Tech in Environmental Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad; and her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from NIT Trichy. She also is an IGBC-Accredited Professional.


1st Runner up

Ankur Sachin Bhat, New Delhi

2nd Runner up

Prakash Tarun Kumar, Mumbai

Prakash is a 16yr old boy, studying in 11th std. in Navi Mumbai. He has done a project  on low cost algae fuel (25rs/l), solar tree (increase energy output) with successful experiments; also he has developed a new method of transportation which could solve traffic problems. Prakash has also created a new method of vertical farming which could increase the yield per unit area from plants and free from infection.

His aim is to make India Green and free from pollution and reduce global warming to save our planet earth through his projects and promote green technologies to rural and urban areas and increase economic conditions of the people and the country. He loves to work for environment and has won prize at national level for his project on curing carbon emissions. He is also a Cleantech ambassador at EAI. His upcoming website is http://www.speedincorporation.tk/ where he will be uploading the details of his projects.

3rd Runner up

Suresh Kumar Gurivelli, Visakhapatnam

Suresh Kumar has done B.Sc. Computers and MBA (Marketing and HR) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Having more than 9 years of experience in different IT capabilities, he worked on different roles carrying the responsibilities of Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing at various levels. In the year 2009, he entered into the food industry to try my hands as an entrepreneur. It is Hotel Akshaya (www.hotelakshaya.in), wherein he invested on F&B section and take care of the ODC (Out Door Catering) also. He acquired strong core skills in requirements analysis, gap analysis, use case analysis, testing, application support, conducting JAD sessions, sign-offs, overseas client handling and has also worked in business research.

He recently, since a year ago developed interest on renewable energy and regularly follow the happenings in this industry.

Others who sent 5 right answers:

Rajendra Kumar Srivastava, Aditya Bhattacharje, S.Raghavan, P.B.Shah, Srihari Swamy and K.Rangarajan

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