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EAI (Almost) Daily Feedback


EAI had sent a set of questions and had requested the subscribers to give their feedback about what
they felt about the Daily. We had hundreds of subscribers writing in for our request for suggestions and
feedback about EAI Daily from the subscribers. Based on an analysis of the feedback, we have made a
number of changes:

    • Sending EAI Daily three days a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
    • You would have noticed that we have brought in more productive sections such as
      Business Opportunities, Events and Jobs.
    • We have also worked on the design and form of content.
    • In order to bring to light the positive social and environmental efforts, we also have
      started including success stories in Indian renewable energy sector.
    • Laying a higher emphasis on news regarding innovations and R&D.
    • Since most of our subscribers are not very fascinated about cleantech can be fun,
      that section has been removed from EAI Daily.

Based on the feedback received, the following are the sections with percentages that they are
interested in:



Renewable Energy News


Renewable Energy Tenders


Business Opportunities


Cleantech can be Fun


Green Community Stories


Renewable Energy Interviews


EAI Club Updates


Renewable Energy Jobs


Renewable Energy Events


Technical Papers


The subscribers of EAI Daily have provided their thoughts on the aspects that they are interesting to
them as well as provided suggestions for the improvement of the newsletter.

Impressive aspects of EAI Daily

Suggestions for Improvement

Well organized

Solar industry news

Renewable energy jobs

Renewable energy events

Renewable energy business opportunities

Technical papers

Green community stories

Renewable energy tenders

Sometimes links of news items are not print

Some subscribers feel that technical papers and
business opportunities can be improved

Reducing the number of advertisements

Include market trends & pricing and CSR projects

Include seminars & trainings

Option for viewer comments/opinions

Include project videos

Technical Content related to Energy Conservation
& Emission Reduction

Include latest technologies of energy saving

More of real stories, threats to the industry

Excerpts of Feedback from EAI Daily Subscribers

“Reduce the no of links (advertisement) as it takes time for loading news/events link.”
– Industry Professional

“Include industry news and technical/regulatory updates”
– Industry Professional, New Delhi

“For each news, there should be option for comments or opinions”
– Industry Professional, Pune

“I would love it if it is possible for you to get someone or even better, to do it yourself, conduct a few
training programs in solar and wind energy in Mumbai. It would be really helpful for freshers like me
to get accustomed to these industries! Overall I am really happy with your website and the daily email!
great going guys keep it up!” – Student

“Thumb rules on technical and cost aspects related to Renewable Energy may be added as a feature” – Industry Professional

“I notice constant improvement. Less repetition would be helpful. Keeping the daily digest small.” – Industry Professional

“Pl add more number of detailed technical details along with operatoin detalis in video mode”. – Industry Professional

“Looking for new technologies that can be utilized by small house holdings..without high cost intensive”. – Industry Professional

“When clicking on an article link in your email, it opens up in a new tab on the EAI 360 page but when clicking on ‘read more’ at the end of the article on EAI 360, it opens as a pop up in the same tab and the back button of the browser is not highlighted in order to go back to the EAI 360 page. EAI Club needs to be more interactive & lively. Contest results date should be displayed on the respective contest page.” – Industry Professional

“More International news can be included”. – Industry Professional

“Currently the news letter covers only news.  Please cover latest technology in solar panels, solar charge controllers, inverters, new technological innovations from Germany and other western countries, various companies manufacturing/distributing solar equipment price structures of panels and batteries, new battery technology, country wise statistics of renewable energy in various countries, opinion on future of non conventional energy etc etc”. – Industry Professional

“Structure and layout of Newsletter can be improved”. – Student

“Please keep us informed about Training Programs on Renewable Energy Systems by Government Organisations which will be more useful to Engineering Faculty Community and students for doing projects in this field”. – Student

“Highlights on solar PV power plants tenders”. – Industry Professional

“More technical papers need to be included”. – Industry Professional

“Current newsletter content seems to be clammed too tightly together..better spacing would increase readability”. – Industry Professional

“Shortening the news and giving the opportunity to the member to choose his own interest and get the complete news afterward”. – Industry Professional

“The newsletter has too much emphasis on news when these should have focus on the energy business, research papers”. – Industry Professional


Summary of Feedback and the Details Required by the Subscribers

  • Many are looking for more “practically useful” updates
  • Some are keen on lesser frequency (with perhaps more updates per issue)
  • Some seem to feel the newsletter is cluttered
  • Some have asked for higher emphasis on solar
  • Some have asked for more updates on research & technical innovation
  • Some subscribers have given their suggestions for improving the newsletter such as reducing
  • the adverts, providing more space, maintaining a simple layout, sending the newsletter thrice
  • a week and so on.
  • Reducing the number of links (advertisement) as it takes time for loading the news/ links.
  • Sending newsletter thrice a week could be useful, may be not every day.
  • Some information more than just the headline and the link is required.
  • Content inadequate and the coverage content be full and crisp.
  • Structure and layout of the newsletter can be improved.
  • Compatibility in all browsers.

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