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9th EAI Contest – Dec 13 – Questions & Answers and Winners

 Questions & Answers

1. What is SolerCool, a unique solar based application launched recently in India?

Ans: Solar powered food storage device

2. How much, according to MNRE, is India’s tidal power potential?

Ans: 8,000 Mw

3. The city of Kochi will soon have a unique transport based on solar. What transport system?

Ans: Solar boats

4. Which state recently claimed it was spending Rs 250 crore annually to popularize biofuels?

Ans: Karnataka

5. What is the name of the Philips technology for lighting efficiency, used by many cities in Europe that could soon be deployed in India? What is the technology all about?

Ans: LumiMotion. It can detect the presence of approaching pedestrians and vehicles and ramp up the brightness in front and behind the person/vehicle as they pass by. The streetlights automatically dim when there is no one in the street.

6. Which Indian city will be hosting an LED expo starting Dec 14?

Ans: Delhi

7. Which Indian bank recently announced it was keen on providing loans for people installing solar systems?

Ans: Central Bank of India

8. Which company recently received the “Green Telecom Company of the Year” award?

Ans: Vodafone

9. According to the consulting firm Bridge to India, what is the likely bidding tariff for the Tamil Nadu solar power to be purchased by TANGEDCO, the state utility?

Ans: 6.2/Kwh

10. 80 Indian companies are now doing sustainability reporting using GRI framework. What is the expansion of GRI?

Ans: Global Reporting Initiative


Sandeep Agarwal, Secunderabad

Sandeep is an investment professional working in the domain of infrastructure project finance (conventional and renewable power, ports, roads, etc), new business strategy & consulting. A fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (CFA) & post graduate diploma holder in finance, strategy (MBA) & business law he has experience in Bid Process Management, Deal Structuring and Buy-Side Investments.

1st Runner up

Vivek Patel, Andhra Pradesh

Vivek Patel is a graduate of the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), India along with MBA in marketing management as well certified patent attorney. His areas of expertise involve consulting, market research and technical sales and marketing in polymers, composites, wind energy, chemicals and nanotechnology. Mr. Patel is writing/reviewing/editing techno-commercial magazine such as Moderen Polymers & Plastics, Chemical World, Chemical Weekly, FRP Today, and Popular Plastics and Packaging among others. Recently, his articles have been picked up by Forbes and Times of India.

Recently his innovation has won Next Big Idea Business Competition, organised by IIM-B, Intel and Department of Science and Technology (DST), India and final showcased in the Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition, 2011. Also business idea got selected in top 50 in FICCI Innovation, Eureka (IIT-B), Power of Ideas, Economic times.

2nd Runner up

Rahul E Ravindranathan, Pune

Rahul is currently pursuing his MBA in Energy & Environment at Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) in Pune, which is affiliated to Symbiosis International University (SIU). He has completed his B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut, Kerala. After his engineering, he was employed with BGR Energy Sytems Ltd. for 2 years before going forward with his post-graduation.

His areas of interest includes Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits, Project Financing and Energy Consultancy. Besides this, he llikes travelling, interacting with people, listening to music and football.

3rd Runner up

Rizwan Ahamad N., Trivandrum

Studied  B.E in Electronics & Instrumentation. Working as a System Integration Engineer in Network System & Technologies(NeST) for last 1 year. Performing System integration tasks such as integrating Instruments and PLC  with our SCADA. Successfully commissioned SCADA & PLC for a 2MW Solar PV plant recently.


Others who sent all the 10 right answers:

V.R. Prakash, K.S.Krishna Sundhar, Mustafa H. Vohra, Kiran Chavva, R. Sujay Dinakar dhat, Praveen Jadhav, Arunmozhivarman.R, Ashish Mehta, Balamurali Krishnakumar, N.Ananth, Vishal Agarwal, Mohammed Yasar, S. Ilango, S.Nandhini, Lakshman Srikanth, Venkataraman Sharma, Venkatesh Pampana, Umalakshmi P K,  Manish Saxena, G.Venkata Ramana, G.Vishnu, Ajmishra.

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