One Day Workshop on Efficient Operation & Maintenance of Boilers, Chennai, 5th Dec, 2013 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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One Day Workshop on Efficient Operation & Maintenance of Boilers, Chennai, 5th Dec, 2013


Boilers are crucial to process steam demand and galloping rise in fuel cost makes the steam to be even more expensive.  The attributable reasons such as coal quality, proper choice of boiler and poor performance and these are of  primary concern to industries. Adequate care, effective operation and maintenance practices and  adoption of  heat recovery devices can help in achieving  significant improvement in optimizing the boiler output and consequent steam cost as such.

There is a need to disseminate the relevant concepts together with advances in boiler design towards skill development of concerned personnel so as to get the best out of them.  While we can not do much in reducing the fuel cost, we can certainly do our best in reducing the fuel requirement for generating the same quantum of steam from the boiler through safe and effective operation and maintenance.  The objective of this workshop is to create an appropriate forum for deliberation on the techniques on effective operation and maintenance of the steam generating system to achieve desired performance with a view to obtain reduced energy input.

Broad Coverage:

  • An overview of boilers with their performance
  • Efficient operation of boiler
  • Efficiency test and assessment of energy performance
  • Efficient practice of maintenance and upkeep of boilers
  • Tips on boiler water treatment and its significance
  • Waste Heat  Recovery and fuel economy in boilers
  • Instrumentation needs
  • Boiler safety, inspection and regulations

Target Group:

Junior Engineers, Maintenance Engineers and First line Supervisors with some technical background who are responsible for efficient steam generation in the plant.

Date: 05th Dec, 2013

Venue: AIP Conference Hall, Chennai

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