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Promote Your Business @ India’s Largest Renewable Energy Newsletter

Looking for a Focused Promotion for Your Renewable Energy Business?

Advertise @ India’s Largest Renewable Energy Online Media


EAI Daily, India’s largest renewable energy newsletter, sent thrice a week to over 35,000 renewable energy industry professionals, now offers unique promotion opportunity on the newsletter ( Currently, we are offering opportunities to advertise in the top three slots of the newsletter for the period Jan 1 – Jun 30 2014.

Basic Offer


# of EAI Daily Issues

Total Price Rs. (excluding service cost of 12.36%)

Effective price per issue Rs.

Payment schedule

3 months


2.7 lakhs


50% upfront, 50% before 60 days

6 Months


4.2 lakhs


30% upfront, 30% before 60 days, 40% before 90 days

* In addition, each EAI Daily is maintained in an archive, and links to archived issues are provided in each EAI Daily. Your ad will appear in the archived issues as well, for a minimum of 1 year.

Value-added Offer

The value added offer will comprise all the elements of the BasicOffer, and in addition comprise the following:

  • Embedded advertising in EAI web site –Depending on your company’s area of activity, our team will work out a custom package where your company/product details will be embedded in our site in a seamless manner that adds value to your company as well as to the reader (essentially, it will not be just plain boring banner ads but interesting and relevant infomercials, videos, case studies, etc. embedded in the right sections)
  • Interviews with company top management published in Site, Daily, and Club –In the duration of the partnership, EAI will conduct in-depth interviews with your top management team on issues related to the industry and highlights of your company/products, and these will be published on EAI Blog and widely promoted in all EAI assets – EAI site, Club, 360 and EAI Daily. These blog posts have the potential to elevate your company to a thought leadership position in your sector
  • Regular blog posts about your company and products -In the duration of the partnership, EAI will publish detailed updates of your new product launches, marketing efforts, and more in a customized manner in its blog posts. These posts will be widely promoted across the Site, Club, 360 and EAI Daily
  • A co-branded white paper published by EAI and the company, and promoted on EAI assets – Depending on your area of activity and product/market focus, EAI team can develop a focused white paper for your company. This white paper will be co-branded between EAI and your company, and will be developed after taking extensive inputs from product/technical experts in your company

Should you be interested to promote your products in any of the above mentioned avenues, please send a note to

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  EAI is India’s leading renewable energy research and consulting firm. EAI is also India’s most known online media for renewable energy that runs the largest and the most popular renewable energy online resources for the country.

  • Our web site ( – the largest online resource for renewable energy, has 150,000 pages and has over 4500 daily unique visitors
  • Our newsletter EAI Daily ( – India’s largest renewable energy newsletter, sent thrice a week to over 35,000 renewable energy industry professionals
  • The EAI Club ( – largest online community for renewable energy, has 17500 members and over 22,000 posts and counting, and over 2000 unique visitors every day.
  • EAI 360 ( – India’s largest aggregator for renewable energy news with over 11,578 news items
  • EAI Videos ( – world’s largest aggregator of cleantech & renewable energy videos

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