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Frequently Asked Questions – EAI’s India Solar Roof Top Guide 2014

FAQs- EAI’s India Solar Roof Top Guide 2014

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When will the guide be released officially?

A draft copy of the guide already exists and we are getting feedback from the readers to incorporate their suggestions. Over 75 downloads per day are taking place already for this draft.

The final version of the guide will be released officially on Apr 24th.

Are half page and full page the only options available to advertise in the guide?

As far as advertising goes, only these two options are available

However, for small businesses with very limited budgets keen on being present in the Guide, we provide the option of listing your company with its brief profile in Vendor Listing, part of the Vendor Directory section of the Guide. Each vendor here can have his company details presented, and will have quarter page space for this.

The cost for a Vendor Listing is Rs 15,000

What are the main ways by which an advertiser gets visibility?

  • Through the advertisement
  • Through a detailed company profile provided in the vendor directory at the end of the guide
  • Through a mention in the List of Advertisers that appears in the beginning of the guide

Who are the main target segment readers for the guide?

The main target segments are commercial and industrial units keen on having medium and large sized rooftops, typically 10 kW and above.

The guide will be reaching these segments pan-India, with a specific focus on Tier 1 & 2 cities

What is the last date for me to finalize the advertisement decision?

The guide is planned to be released 1st May, so you technically have until about the last week of April to freeze a decision.

However, the earlier you take a decision the better for the following reasons:

  • The early advertisers get to choose the spot (which page) for their ad – this is on a first come first served.
  • In addition, the early advertisers get longer visibility for the same amount of money paid, as their ads will appear in the draft guide which is already being downloaded at the rate of more than 75 every day.

When will you send the guide to prospects?

The final version of the guide will be available for download from the web site from the 1st week of May, and significant access to the market right from then. We expect a large % of the prospects to have received it in the first three months. (May-July)

Will the guide be distributed as a physical copy or soft copy?

A significant portion of the guide will be distributed as soft copy.

Physical copy will be provided only to select stakeholders.

Will the advertisers be provided physical copies?

Yes. We are currently looking at sharing 10 physical copies with each advertiser.

To whom will the guide be sent as a hard copy?

The guide will be sent as soft copy to over 250,000 members in our databases; we expect 25-40000 interested prospects to read these.

About 1000 hard copies will be specially sent to key stakeholders such as association heads, top heads at MNRE and nodal agencies, etc.

What are the mechanisms through which the Guide will reach the 25,000 relevant prospects?

The Guide will reach the prospects through a wide variety of avenues:

  • Through downloads from the EAI web site (India’s largest renewable energy focussed web site, over 5000 focussed visitors per day)
  • Through links and promotions on the EAI Daily (India’s largest renewable energy newsletter, 40,000+ members)
  • Through links and promotions on EAI Club (India’s only online club for renewable energy
  • Through links and promotions on associated EAI properties such as (a solar focussed community) and
    SolarMango (a web resource for rooftop solar)
  • Through dedicated emails to EAI contact databases (ovevbr 50,000 members)
  • Through dedicated emails to industry databases that EAI has built over a period of 6 years (over 100,000 industry professionals)
  • Through promotions on social media such as FB, Twitter, LI on all of which EAI has a strong presence

What will be the profiles of those who receive/read the Guide?

While it is impossible to predict accurately the %s of various segments who could be reading the guide, owing to the nature of online mediaand email, the following are the expectations:

  • 60-70% – industrial and commercial sector users, of which we expect a large percentage to be from the small/medium scale sector
  • 15-20% – institutions and organizations (schools, colleges, universities, government departments)
  • 5-10% – research and academic purposes
  • 10-15% – residential and domestic rooftop prospects

Can we also have article in place of advertisements?

No, the only exception being the advertiser taking the top slot – the cover page. Exclusive incentives could be worked out for them, and oneof these incentives could be an article / interview with them.

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