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EAI’s Promotion Support for Solar EPCs

Looking for a Focused Promotion for Your Solar EPC Business?

Let EAI Assist You through Customized Solar EPC Promotion Opportunities

EAI’s ‘Solar EPC Promotion Package’ is a unique advertisement offer that has the potential to provide your company exceptionally relevant visibility at India’s largest renewable energy online media.

Under this partnership, your company becomes EAI’s Knowledge and Solutions Partner for solar EPC sector. This will be an exclusive partnership for solar EPC – thus, EAI will not have any other competing company for this position for the partnership period.

EAI’s Deliverables

  • Promoting your company across the web site and newsletter as EAI’s Knowledge & Solutions partner for solar EPC solution
  • Embedding inputs and details of your company’s solution in solar EPC section at EAI, in relevant ways that also provides exceptional visibility to your company
  • In the duration of the partnership, EAI will publish ten blog posts on solar EPC solutions. These blog posts will include detailed updates of your solutions, marketing efforts, and more in a customized manner. These posts will be widely promoted across the Site, Club, 360 and EAI Daily
  • EAI team will develop a focused white paper on your company’s case studies. This white paper will be sent to all EAI members.
  • Multiple interviews of your company’s top management to be included in the EAI blog and newsletter
  • Placing your company banner or text ads in the solar EPC sections at EAI website and club
  • Posting videos of your company’s solar EPC solutions at regular intervals in EAI Blog

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EAI Audience

EAI is India’s leading renewable energy research and consulting firm. EAI is also India’s most known online media for renewable energy that runs the largest and the most popular renewable energy online resources for the country.

  • Our web site (www.eai.in) – the largest online resource for renewable energy, has 150,000 pages and has over 4500 daily unique visitors
  • Our newsletter EAI Daily (www.eai.in/newsletter) – India’s largest renewable energy newsletter, sent thrice a week to over 35,000 renewable energy industry professionals
  • The EAI Club (www.eai.in/club) – largest online community for renewable energy, has 17500 members and over 22,000 posts and counting, and over 2000 unique visitors every day.
  • EAI 360 (www.eai.in/360) – India’s largest aggregator for renewable energy news with over 11,578 news items
  • EAI Videos (www.eai.in/360/videos) – world’s largest aggregator of cleantech & renewable energy videos

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