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Advertise in EAI’s Tamil Nadu Renewable Energy Guide 2014

Reach Thousands of Prominent Prospects in Tamilnadu

With Tamilnadu’s Most Focussed Renewable Energy Guide

Ideal for Small Businesses with Limited Marketing Budgets


EAI, the leading Indian renewable energy research and consulting firm, is currently developing the “Tamil Nadu Renewable Energy Guide 2014“. This is the first and only guide for renewable energy in Tamil Nadu, and will be used by a large number of industries, commercial units and others keen on solar, wind, biomass, energy efficiency and other sustainable solutions for their premises.

The report will be published end of March 2014, and will be EAI’s official Tamilnadu Renewable Energy guide until end of Mar 2015 – for one full year.

Number of Pages: 60

Format: The Showcase will be in the form of a PDF and will be circulated to over 50,000 prospects over one year.

Target Audience for this Guide

  • Companies and firms keen on setting up implementing renewable energy systems – solar panels, solar water heaters, small wind mills, energy efficient lighting, biomass gasifiers, waste water treatment systems, and more.
  • Commercial establishments and institutions keen on setting up the above systems
  • Domestic sector (residences) keen on having solar power systems, solar water heaters, LED lighting etc.


This guide will be heavily promoted through EAI web site, EAI Daily and EAI Club, among others.

In all, we expect over 75,000 readers, mainly from Tamil Nadu to have downloaded and read this guide over one year, and we expect a very large percentage of commercial and industrial establishments to be part of this audience.

A Unique Promotion Opportunity for Small Businesses

In addition to full page ads and half page ads, the guide will have a special showcase section where companies get to advertise at very economical rates.

Companies with a Tamilnadu focus, especially the small scale sector, has a unique opportunity to gain extensive visibility by advertising on this uniquely focussed guide.

  • It will reach a very large percentage of your target segment
  • Its advertising rates will be well within your budget

EAI Tamilnadu Renewable Energy Guide – List of Contents

  • Tamil Nadu Renewable Energy Potential
  • Status of Solar, Wind and Biomass Projects in Tamil Nadu
  • Potential for Renewable Energy in Various Tamilnadu States
  • Case Studies of Tamilnadu Businesses and Commercial Establishments that have Implemented Renewable Energy
  • Recommendations for Tamilnadu Industry and Domestic sector on renewable energy use

Advertising Options in EAI’s Tamil Nadu Renewable Energy Guide 2014

Option Cost (Rs.)
Showcase section (quarter page ads) 15,000
Front cover – half of the cover page 1,75,000
Full page – inside of cover page 1,15,000
Back cover – full page 1,25,000
Full page – inside of back cover page 1,15,000
Inside full page 75,000


Advertising slots will be allotted on a First Come First Served basis.

If your company is interested in advertising @ EAI’s Tamilnadu Renewable Energy Guide 2014, contact Sindhuja Ramar –

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