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Your Company @ Industrial Waste & Wastewater Management Showcase

Your Company @ Industrial Waste & Wastewater Management Showcase

Reach Tens of Thousands of Prospective Customers

With India’s Most Comprehensive Waste & Wastewater Management Products Listing


EAI, the leading Indian renewable energy research and consulting firm, is currently developing the “India Waste and Wastewater Management Showcase”. This will be a definitive showcase of a range of products and solutions for industrial and commercial waste management, and will be used by a large percentage of companies and institutions keen on implementing sustainable waste management solutions in their premises.

EAI ‘s Industrial Waste and Waste Water Treatment Showcase lists a wide range of companies, their products and solutions in industrial and commercial waste management

The Showcase will be published end of March 2014, and will comprise a comprehensive listing of solution providers.

Format: The Showcase will be in the form of a PDF and will be circulated to over 50,000 prospects over one year.

Target Audience for this Guide


  • Companies and firms keen on implementing waste management solutions – solid waste management, organic waste management, industrial waste management, sewage treatment solutions, and industrial waste water treatment solutions
  • Commercial establishments and institutions keen on waste water and solid waste management
  • Government organizations

This guide will be heavily promoted through EAI web site, EAI Daily and EAI Club, among others.

In all, we expect over 50,000 readers to have downloaded and read this guide over one year, and we expect a very large percentage of key prospects all across India keen on implementing waste management to read this guide.

Your company has a unique opportunity to gain extensive visibility by being one of the companies showcased in this uniquely focussed guide.

We expect about 50 companies to be showcased in this unique listing.

Companies from the following sectors will be exhibited in this showcase

  • Solutions for kitchen and garden waste to energy in company canteens and premises
  • Sustainable sewage treatment solutions – biogas based and other microbial treatment based solutions
  • Sustainable solutions for managing a range of industrial solid waste and waste water.
  • Waste water purification solutions



Interested in Gaining Exceptional Visibility through this Showcase?


The only advertising option available for this listing is a full page showcase.

A full page visibility in this showcase costs Rs 1 lac (exclusive of service charges)

Advertising slots will be allotted on a First Come First Served basis.



If your company is interested in a prominent listing @ EAI’s India Waste & Wastewater Management Showcase, contact Sindhuja Ramar

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