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IPPs in Renewable Energy–Opportunities and Pitfalls



IPPs in Renewable Energy - Opportunities and Pitfalls
IPPs are playing an increasingly important role in bridging the power deficit in India. Private investment in the power sector has risen from no private participation in 1990 to nearly 30% of installed generating capacity by 2013.

Renewable energy IPPs form a very large part of this investment, and the sector will continue to grow backed by favourable government policies. This paper analyses the opportunities in RE power and the pitfalls that should be carefully concerned by RE IPPs who wish to maximise their return on investment.

Within this whitepaper you will find detailed examination of the Solar and Wind markets with respect to

  • Technology – The critical components of a Solar or Wind power plant and the technologies that impact plant performance, including monitoring solutions
  • Business Models – The different revenue avenues categorised under Sale to Utility and Sale to Private Consumers
  • Geography – Identifying your investment destination considering power generating potential, favourable policies, and demand profile of the region
  • Customer offtake – The motivation that drives consumers to procure RE Power with associated timelines
  • Time – The risk faced by IPPs due to passage of time

In addition the whitepaper elaborates on

  • RECs – Prospects and risk involved in REC demand and pricing
  • Walkthrough of the process through which RE IPPs should finalise their power plant investment

The Whitepaper can be downloaded here: IPPs in Renewable Energy – Opportunities and Pitfalls

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