Clean Tech Companies Showcase - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Clean Tech Companies Showcase

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Energy Alternatives India (Sample Company)

Renewable Energy and Clean Tech

Energy Alternatives India (EAI) provides Consulting, Research, Promotion, and Marketing support to the fast growing Renewable Energy and Cleantech industry in India.

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Energy & Environment Media & Events

EcoSURE is a media and events company with a firm focus on being an important catalyst for the growth and progress of renewable energy and clean technology, specifically in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Megha Renewables

Waste to Energy

Megha renewables has its primary portfolio of product and services in the areas such as 1. Biomass Gasification for Heating Applications – ( Agro Waste) 2. Waste to Energy ( W2E)  – BioGas plant and Composting units. – (Food Waste) 3. RO and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – (Human Waste)

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Sectors at EAI Company Showcase

  • Cleantech
  • Organic Materials
  • Biofuels
  • Biomass Energy (heating and power)
  • Green Buildings
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Eco-cosmetics
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Education & Training
  • Energy Storage
  • Cleantech Finance & Investing
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
  • Hydro Power
  • Green Computing
  • IT Solutions for Clean Technology
  • Bioplastics and Biopolymers
  • Waste Management
  • Water
  • Wind Energy

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