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RETOPIA 2013 – 24th October 2013, TERI University, New Delhi


TERI University is a leading academic institute imparting high quality education. Its strength lies in its unique and exciting research and education programs, focusing on students gaining knowledge across a wide spectrum of subjects pertaining to sustainable development with emphasis on developing innovative solutions. Each year, the Department of Energy and Environment of TERI University conducts REtopia with the aim of bringing together academicians, renewable energy (RE) industry professionals and policy makers to bring out the importance of renewable energy and sustainable development in today’s world. We have seen participation of delegates from IREDA, MNRE, BEE, IITs, IEX, NPL, IOCL, Suzlon, TCS, L&T, IT Power, Bridge to India, TERI and students from across the country. With the participation of people from all walks of the RE fraternity, REtopia’13 aims to further the realization of the renewable energy potential of the nation.

Dr.Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy”, is chief guest in Retopia2013.

The Discussion Forum

With the aim of fostering growth in investments and technological advancements in renewable energy technologies, REtopia stages a discussion forum where speakers from leading businesses, academia, and government and financial institutions engage a diverse range of audience in a holistic discussion. We have seen participation of delegates from IREDA, MNRE, BEE, IITs, IEX, NPL, IOCL, Suzlon, TCS, L&T, IT Power, Bridge to India, TERI and students from across the country.

This year’s panel discussion revolves around the central theme “Renewable Energy for Inclusive Growth”. We believe that such a growth is the nation’s need of the hour, in the context of rising population, depleting resources and degrading environment. We are expecting speakers and delegates from leading businesses and EPCs to reflect upon the issue by sharing their experiences and apprehensions.

REtopia 2013 will also hold a unique “Head to Head” debate where. The objective of head to head is to provide an open platform for Renewable Energy Power Generators, Consultants, Market experts, Academicians and other market players to put forth their pressing problems related to policy implementation or regulations in front of top policy makers, regulators and financial institutions. We hope that the ensuing deliberations will help policymakers gain valuable feedback on gaps in policy implementation and thus facilitate a smoother transition to renewable energy technologies.

REtopia for Youth

One of the main objectives of REtopia is to promote the importance of clean technology to the youth by motivating them to learn from others and providing them a platform to showcase their ideas. Last year REtopia witnessed a captivating session called “Grassroots Innovators” where dynamic CEOs and Co-Founders of young enterprises gripped the audience by sharing their story of innovation and change. REtopia 2013 will bear witness to some of the most enterprising “Greenovators” the nation has ever seen. This year’s session will witness the story of an Internal Combustion engine powered by Hydrogen, a wind turbine without blades, a solar based two wheeler and an ecofriendly method of converting waste to energy.

REtopia 2013 will also act as an attraction for young, dynamic and aspiring entrepreneurs who are routing for change. The RED Challenge or REtopia Design Challenge is a technology and business design competition, in which students will get an opportunity to pitch clean energy technology business ideas before some of the leading green investors and venture capitalists. The ideas will be shortlisted on the basis of originality, scalability and impact.


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