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SEA 360 is EAI’s one stop team that provides hands-on expert guidance for your company to reach the next orbit in sustainable energy use
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Assisting Your Company in Becoming Sustainable in Energy

  • SEA 360 from EAI - A 360O Sustainable Energy Assistance from EAI for
  • Every company, small or large, today needs an optimal energy strategy for its future. Such a strategy is no longer just a mandatory necessity but it is a competitive necessity.
  • EAI can be a valuable partner playing a critical role in your company’s efforts towards becoming more sustainable in energy.

Who can benefit from EAI’s SEA 360?

Any manufacturing/service company looking to become more sustainable in terms of its energy usage can benefit from SEA 360. This may include companies in following sectors:

Pharma & Healthcare

FMCG Manufacturing

Process Industries

Dairy & Farming

Chemicals Manufacturing

Food Products Manufacturing

Auto & Auto Components Manufacturing

How Can We Help You?

Renewable Energy Status Evaluation

If your company has already implemented any sustainable energy solutions, do an audit of the solution and assess its share/impact for your current energy portfolio

Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Assess the potential new avenues for your company for renewable and sustainable energy sources use, and do pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for the relevant avenues

Detailed Project Reports

Covering technical and operational aspects for those projects for which feasibility has been established

Technology Vendor Evaluation

Identification and evaluation of vendors for a range of sustainable energy solutions

Range of Sustainable Energy Options that will be Analysed

On Site

  • Rooftop & On-premises Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Biomass Energy
    • Biomass Heating
    • Biomass Power
  • Heat Pumps
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Energy Efficient Boilers
    • CHP Boilers
  • Energy Efficient Lighting & Heating
  • Energy Audits for Adopting Efficient Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Electrification of Utilities
  • Industrial Waste to Energy

Off Site

  • Wind Power Procurement
  • Solar Power Procurement

After comprehensive assessment of your energy needs and usage, EAI’s SEA 360 team can provide actionable intelligence on the following:

  • Renewable/sustainable power sources feasible for captive generation (Both On/Off premises) and 3rd party procurement, given the geographical location and operational requirements
  • Feasible renewable heating/cooling solutions
  • Costs, economics, business models – also includes inputs for Cap-ex, Op-ex minimization techniques and risk mitigation strategies
  • Guidance on easy energy efficiency avenues available for your industry
  • Next steps towards implementation of your sustainable energy strategy

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We have provided action-oriented professional assistance several large companies in the past several years in their sustainable energy adoption initiatives

Consulting for Cleantech

EAI is one of the very few market based consulting companies with a specialized focus on Renewable energy and cleantech sectors.

Contacts & Network

Has been in business for 10 years, the first in the country to start boutique consulting for cleantech. Exceptional business contacts and network across the country.

Renewable & Cleantech sectors

Run by a team of professionals from IITs and IIMs having prior experience in the alternative energy industry, EAI has had the opportunity to work in most of the diverse Renewable energy/ Cleantech sectors

Interested in taking up EAI’s consulting assistance for your entry into the EV sector?

Reach us at –

Or talk to Muthu +91 9952910083

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