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U-Solar partners with Westin-Hyderabad, for a 25 kW Rooftop Solar PV project

Specialists in rooftop PV systems, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions, a Bangalore based clean energy company has partnered with world’s prestigious chain of hotels- Westin in Hyderabad to set up a 25 kW Grid Tie solar PV system.

Westin Mindspace, in Hyderabad is not only a state of the art hotel property; it is a facility that has been extremely environmentally conscious and has taken several steps to reduce its energy consumption. As a part of its greening efforts the facility has set up a 25 kW Solar Photo Voltaic system on its rooftop.


 Monthly generation details of the 25 Kw system at Westin

The system has been mounted on special custom structures on the roof to ensure that the panels are shadow free and the existing equipments and use of the area below the panels is left undisturbed. The panels feed DC power to grid synchronizing inverters which deliver 3-phase AC current into the Westin local grid.

Hotels and resorts have an excellent opportunity to set up a cost-effective, zero polluting and low maintenance solution for powering a portion of the energy needs of their facility through solar PV while presenting a wonderful ecological impact.

The power generated from the 25 kw rooftop system at Westin is self-consumed and additionally allows Westin to meet the mandatory target of 0.25% of Solar Power. The solar photovoltaic system, commissioned earlier this year, is expected to generate close to 40,000 units of electricity annually.

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