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Vikram Solar promotes national solar manufacturing capacity

Vikram Solar promotes national solar manufacturing capacity

To develop modules with 100% domestic content

Vikram Solar, which is developing a solar module with 100 per cent domestic raw materials, is firmly committed to advancing the public policy goals of the nation.  Its endeavour would surpass the domestic content requirements laid down by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

The guidelines for the ongoing Phase II Batch I of the national solar mission stipulate that 50 per cent of the total 750 MW of solar power projects under this batch must be set up using solar cells and modules which are made in India. Vikram Solar is working on plans to launch its solar modules which will use not only made-in-India solar cells as required under the policy but go beyond that to also ensure that other raw material such as glass, EVA, back sheet and frames are also procured from Indian manufacturers.

Speaking about the efforts, Mr. Sunil Rathi, President, Sales, Vikram Solar, said, “Use of local raw materials will ensure low lead-time and inventory benefits while offering faster turn- around time for executing Indian solar project thereby leading to a win-win situation for all”.

According to Mr. Ivan Saha, President and Chief Technology Officer of Vikram Solar, the company follows a rigorous process of engineering evaluation of the bill-of-materials used in PV modules and is in the process of identifying quality Indian raw material suppliers in order to ensure highest quality and reliability of their 100% ‘Made in India’ modules, which are targeted for launch by early 2014.

“With this effort Vikram Solar is aiming to develop the eco-system of the Indian Photovoltaic sector, and hopes to contribute in a big way to make it competitive.”, Mr. Saha added.

Vikram Solar is an internationally acclaimed enterprise which specializes in manufacturing of PV solar modules. It is headquartered in Kolkata and is part of the Vikram Group of companies, boasting of a glorious history of over 35 years in engineering and manufacturing activities.

Vikram Solar’s facility, located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Falta, West Bengal, is spread over a sprawling 40,000 sq ft area and boasts of a 150 MW installed production capacity. They are among the most technologically advanced in the world.  Apart from catering to the pan-India market, Vikram Solar has a global presence with offices in Europe and Africa.


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