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Young Player Changing the Energy Monitoring Landscape

Identifying energy efficiency blind spots, Highlighting productivity leakages has a new avatar

iKonzerv is an innovative and distinct energy monitoring, accurate measuring and conservation company. World class live monitoring software EGLM, provides multi-level alerts on possible problems and tentative corrective actions required to designated personnel through Web interface, Email and SMS. The DG consumption and efficiency quantification module results in prevention of diesel pilferage. EGLM empowers faciity managers with the ability to prevent fire hazards due to overloading,load imbalance, over heating and insulation failures. iKonzerv has expertise in ensuring effective use of machinery and power backup systems.  Increase in energy efficiency is consistently achieved by altering, correcting and re-engineering distribution topology to fix load imbalances and power losses. iKonzerv also installs new or re-engineers existing Solar power generation installations for enhanced throughput and early ROI.

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