Best Practices in Large Scale Wind Farm Development

This has not been the best year for India, for wind power.

Investments in wind farms are down in double digits.

And there are of course reasons. The government gave the industry a double whammy by removing both the GBI (generation based incentives) and AD (accelerated depreciation).

But things are bound to bounce back for wind power, with reportedly the government keen on re-introducing GBI, at even higher incentive levels.

High levels of GBI will imply only one thing: More and more wind IPPs coming online. And IPPs will most likely build large wind farms, not the puny ones with a 250 kW machine tooling around.

Which brings up wind farm development, especially large scale wind farms. I have provided some interesting links that dwell on best practices in large scale wind farm development. I hope you find these useful

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3



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  1. Raja Muthayya November 3, 2012

    The paper on large scale offshore wind farms raises some good points that are sometimes overlooked when discussing offshore wind: The reliability factor has to be much higher as they are difficult to access even in good weather, and may be impossible to access in bad weather; such increase in reliability can come at a steep increase in cost.


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