What are flexible solar panels and what benefits do they offer?

What are flexible solar panels? And more to the point, why would someone require flexible solar panels?

Flexible solar panels or rather cells are an innovative solar technology that is largely at the research level currently.

In conventional solar panels, the glass, frame etc. can be costlier than the PV materials used. Flexible solar cells are made by depositing PV material on flexible substrates (like paper, plastics) that are a much cheaper option than glass.

Now, to the question of why someone would require flexibility in solar panels: Due to their flexible nature, these flexible panels can fit on curved and other complex surfaces.

Their flexibility could make them more suitable for many conventional applications, some of them in off-grid applications like powering irrigation pumps and portable applications such as mobile charging.

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  1. Vinaya Jathar August 22, 2017

    Hi, we are exploring the idea of installing solar panels in our flat in Navi mumbai and after speaking to sone cos. have realized that due to space issues we won’t be able to do it.
    Then one of them suggested flexible panels over our balcony roofs, we have 4 balconies
    How viable is the suggestion?? Kindly advise.


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