What are Li-Fi solar panels and how do they work?

We have all heard of Wi-fi.

Now, what is Li-fi, and what has it got to do with solar power, of all things?

Just like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a high-speed wireless communication technology. Instead of using radio frequency, light is the medium of transmission.

Harald Haas, the person who coined the term ’Li-Fi’, has demonstrated how solar cells can receive data and therefore claims that Li-Fi solar panels can act as a broadband receiver and help solve rural connectivity issues. Li-Fi solar panel will not only produce solar power but also act as a data receiver of Li-Fi signals.

The idea is that an LED light source combined with a solar panel can form a transmitter-receiver system. Basically, the LED transmits encoded information which is received by the solar cell, decoded and made available at a laptop where the information can be viewed.

Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it?

This innovation makes use of the increasing availability of solar cells for various applications. It is especially beneficial in developing countries where rural areas are plagued with problems like shortage of electric power, absence of internet and even mobile networks.

Here’s a nice blog post on the use of Li-fi for solar power applications, from Solar Mango. (part of Innovations in Solar series)

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  1. Paras July 13, 2017

    Great informative post. It will be of great help if you can share additional in detail information regarding the same. It will be advantageous if one can know the exact specifications required and the scope of the system to be implemented.

  2. ololo chukwuemeka bright July 30, 2018

    Is it possible to have Ethernet port,USB female port,ADC,DAC,TIA,PHOTODIODE/LASER INFRA RED LIGHT that sends the uplink received by the PHOTODIODE which receives the downlink ON ONE VECRO BOARD OR BREAD BOARD?
    Please am trying to CREATE a LiFi internet Receiver circuit HELP ON ALL I NEED TO DO TO ACHIEVE THIS

  3. ololo chukwuemeka bright July 30, 2018

    i have a 3 watt solar panel as detector,18 watt led bulbs
    if i connect the ethernet usb cable from my solar panel to my system LAN port and beam my lights on the photodetector am i sure to get an internet connection
    If i get connection on the system what device will i use to connect internet to the phone from my detector because the phone only gets charged on lighting the led lamps on the detector

  4. ololo chukwuemeka August 1, 2018

    help me with detailed steps on how to create the lifi internet transmitter and lifi internet receiver and how to configure it to browse on the desktop
    Help with videos and theoretical writs be it using the vecro,bread or pcb


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