INCLINE, which stands for India cleantech innovation excellence, is an effort by Energy Alternatives India to identify, nurture, facilitate and commercialize Indian innovations in clean energy, environment, and sustainability.

Inspiration behind INCLINE

The decade of 2020-2030 will be the decade of cleantech, during which impressive progress will be made in solutions for clean energy, environment and sustainability.

A large part of such progress will come from powerful innovations.

Globally, green solutions currently make up perhaps 5-7% of total industrial production. This could be as high as 15% by 2030 and 30% by 2050. Just imagine the massive market potential for innovations over the coming years. And just imagine what it could mean to India if the country can become a global cleantech innovation leader (just as Silicon Valley became the innovation leader in IT & software).

Cleantech innovations will of course have a global footprint, but India has a fabulous opportunity to become a leader among nations. The following make India a strong contender to become a global leader in cleantech:

By our very nature and culture, Indians lead relatively sustainable lifestyles, and this becomes even more obvious when we visit the villages and countryside. Sustainability and environmentally beneficial habits and solutions have been part of our ethos. The extent of innovations happening at the grassroots level in India is quite huge, something that very few of us are aware of.

The country has been building a vast network of scientific and research institutes of excellence over many decades, the IITs, IISc being only some of the examples. In addition, many Indian (and global) corporate have built impressive research and development facilities in India in diverse science and technology domains.

For many years now, the central government has been keen on taking India to the next level in innovation on many aspects and has initiated a number of efforts. It will only be more keen to have a high emphasis on cleantech within these efforts. Many of the state governments are also highly receptive to cleantech innovation efforts.

India’s colleges and universities produce a large number of qualified engineers and scientists. While there is of course debate about the quality of education in some of these colleges, there is little doubt that the country has a sizable student population who could add richly to innovation

Innovations can benefit significantly from large domestic markets that can accelerate their commercialization. India, with its $2.7 trillion economy (fifth largest in the world), a fast growing middle class, and an industrial & business hungry for growth is an ideal market for good innovations.

What are cleantech solutions all about?

Cleantech solutions and innovations comprise a vast and diverse domain. Broadly, at EAI we classify these into four main categories. Our team has also identified over 500 solution zones in which innovations are possible. Some prominent ones are provided below.


Prominent sub-domains

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy storage

Prominent solutions

  • Solar PV
  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass-based
  • thermal & power
  • Biofuels
  • Battery storage
  • Fuel cells


Prominent sub-domains

  • Waste Management
  • Pollution Control
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
  • Biodiversity
  • Marine Ecosystems

Prominent solutions

  • Recycling
  • Sustainable wastewater treatment
  • Electric vehicles
  • Carbon capture & use


Prominent sub-domains

  • Sustainable Industrial Practices
  • Water
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Agriculture & Forestry

Prominent solutions

  • Water use efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Bioplastics
  • Green chemicals
  • Organic farming
  • Sustainable wood


Prominent sub-domains

  • Sustainability education
  • Sustainable communities
  • Finance & investments for sustainability
  • Policies and regulations
  • Sustainable cities

Prominent solutions

  • Eco-communities
  • Impact investments
  • Carbon trading
  • Local sourcing

Innovations are possible (and happening) in every one of the 500 solutions that we have identified. And we are sure there will be new solutions that will continue getting added to our list.

How does INCLINE plan to achieve its objectives?

India is a vast and diverse nation. Sustainability is a vast and diverse (and sometimes complex) domain.The stakeholders involved in sustainability solutions and innovations for this field also comprise a large set.

Efforts at catalyzing innovations for such a canvas need to have well defined goal posts and an effective framework to achieve the objectives.

INCLINE will work on the following dimensions to achieve its goals:


Many organizations and companies from private, public and non-government sectors are already undertaking efforts at various levels to foster and catalyze cleantech innovations. INCLINE will work with them and help them succeed better in their efforts by providing better and effective visibility to their efforts.

Stakeholders targeted: Diverse (federal and state governments, NGOs, corporates, universities, Industry bodies, International organizations…)


Many established Indian businesses are keen on investing in cleantech and sustainability innovations but face challenges in identifying the right opportunity to invest in. There’s significant capital available with these companies to invest, which if directed at the right innovations, could make a big difference to the overall cleantech innovation ecosystem in India. INCLINE will assist these firms in identifying the right innovations (and innovators) to invest in

Stakeholders targeted: Businesses and corporates


Some innovations or teams need strong mentorship to take them to the next level. EAI will help these individuals or teams identify effective individual mentors or mentor organizations. Some others might need connections with industry experts or corporates to take their innovations forward. INCLINE will enable these productive connections.

Stakeholders targeted: Startups, college/university students, SMEs, entrepreneurs


Many young entrepreneurs (including college & university students) are keen on investing time and efforts in cleantech innovations either as part of their post graduate or doctoral work, but need assistance in choosing the right domains/themes for research. INCLINE will provide assistance to them (through their institutions/colleges) in selecting innovation or research themes that have significant market potential. Unleashing this tremendous potential of India’s youth into the right innovations can make a dramatic difference to the country’s innovation ecosystem.

Stakeholders targeted: Universities / colleges

How will INCLINE work on the above dimensions?

You may well ask: How will you work on so many different dimensions for different stakeholders and do justice to each?

Utilizing our strengths

EAI brings three assets to the table:

  • 1. EAI’s knowledge and expertise of the cleantech and sustainability domains
  • 2. EAI’s contacts and network across India, and across various
  • 3. EAI’s online presence - both its web site and social media

Utilizing virtual

We appreciate that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to provide the above value additions at scale if a lot of our efforts require “physical” - travel, meetings, we ourselves developing prototypes etc. Our team is hence putting together an operating model and platform that relies to a very large extent on virtual interactions. The global shift to virtual work during COVID in fact has made it easier for our team in putting together this platform.

What is the business model for INCLINE?

EAI’s INCLINE offers various value additions to different stakeholder categories.

We will be offering some of our services free for anyone - and most of these can be obtained from our web site.

Some of the INCLINE services could involve a fee. Depending on the specific effort, the specific business models and commercials for these will be worked out.

Who is EAI?

EAI (Energy Alternatives India) has been at the forefront of clean energy and cleantech consulting, research and education in India for over 10 years.

We were the country’s first boutique consulting and market research firm when we started in 2009. Since then, our team has had the opportunity to work on over 25 cleantech and sustainability domains, help over 200 companies with our consulting efforts, and over 3000 companies worldwide (including 10 of the Fortune 50 companies) with our cleantech industry reports.

You can get to know a lot more about us from

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