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All’s not well in India & China when it comes to renewable energy and water.

High density population in both countries, along with a move toward urbanization and industrialization, has placed significant pressure on their infrastructure and its natural resources. According to the report from World Water Forum, in China 60 million people are having difficulty getting access to water, almost three times that number drink contaminated water daily. 400 out of a total of 668 Chinese cities are having water shortage problems, only 30% of which have had some wastewater treatment. India’s water quality is the second worst in the world. According to India Asia News Portal, only 40% to 50% of the Indian population has enough supply of water. The publics have to get their own water from wells

On the energy front, there’s distressing news as well. Continued inflow of foreign investment and the improved standard of living of both Chinese and Indian people have inadvertently pushed up demand for energy.

So, there you have it – a pathetic water supply infrastructure and an accelerating demand for energy. Growth has its own pitfalls, wouldn’t you agree?

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