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A brief analysis of the status of energy efficiency measures for the Indian ICT industry by the Climatico blog. It appears from the analysis that there is no specific program in the country for intersection of energy eff & ICT, but that’s just terminology. Some measures undertaken at different levels / industries do seem to have started off processes for energy efficiency measures and policies for the ICT industry…”India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority to give carbon credits to operators using low carbon fuels (solar, wind, hydro, etc) spurred industry joint ventures that are estimated to save 840960 tonnes of carbon a year.” I’d agree with the report conclusion that it will be the private sector that will provide the necessary momentum for ICT energy efficient measures

The article also touches upon the necessity of the smart grid in India…”the SMART 2020 report, noted that ICT initiatives could significantly improve India’s power sector, reducing transmission and distribution losses by 30%, by creating a ‘power smart grids.’”

No one dispute the logic, but I would have to strain my imagination to convince myself that the Indian electricity boards, state governments and whoever else need to be in this picture will start acting upon this anytime soon…perhaps as the article mentions, smart grids might happen more by accident (solar power for villages starting off the distributed energy generation phenomenon and so on…) than by design.

Man, just imagine Indian politicians able to think of and discuss smart grids!

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