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Feb 2008

Wind power is becoming a mainstream energy source. Over 20,000 mw of wind turbines were installed in 2007 bringing world- wide capacity to 94,112 mw, up 27% from 2006. The top five countries in terms of installed capacity are Germany (22, 300 mw), the US (16,800 mw), Spain (15,100 mw) India (8000 mw) and China (6,100 mw). In terms of economic value, the global wind market in 2007 was worth about $36 billion, according to Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). In capacity addition, the US was in the lead in 2007, followed by China and Spain.

According to the GWEC data, the US installed 5,244 mw of wind turbines in 2007, more than double the 2006 figure. It accounted for 30% of the country’s new power producing capacity in 2007. Overall the US wind power generating capacity grew 45% in 2007 with total installed capacity at 16,800 mw.


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